Mar 012016

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March 9th XENON will be releasing a NEW Single called “Othello!” The CD will contain the tracks Time Lost (タイムロスト) & Fixxer, and unfortunately be limited to 1000 copies! So go buy it HERE. XENON is a great band and I’m excited to hear it when it comes out!

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J-Rock Tuesdays: DIAURA Livestream Q&A Event

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Sep 022014


Xenon, a Fashion and music store Located in little Tokyo in California. Will be holding a Livestream Q&A session for Fans of the awesome visual kei band DIAURA. The event will be held from 8pm- 9:30pm on September 13th and will be FREE to the public! So if you are in the area go check it out. Its a rare occasion to be able to ask your favorite J-Rock band questions! especially for U.S fans. I really wish I was in Cali at this time cause I love DIAURA,  Yo-Ka has such a great voice.  Check out the Facebook Event Page  and Xenon’s Official Site for more info.