Watch: HK/Hentai Kamen Abnormal Crisis Teaser

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Feb 232016


So Hentai Kamen is getting a sequel, and the teaser is below. The film is slated to open May 14th in Japan. This is also the second film in a planned Trilogy! Will it sit omg the greats like lord of the rings? Probably not, but we get a super hero with panties on their face.

WTF Japan: Giant Snow Titan

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Feb 012016


Damn, Even Japans snow sculptures are epic, Check out the pics after the break for an awesome Snow Titan. Continue reading »


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Dec 082014


In case you still havent seen it! here is that crazy music video by Teddyloid – ME!ME!ME! (feat. daoko). this music video is just as fucked up as it is arousing. definitely NSFW check out the video below!


TeddyLoid – ME!ME!ME! (feat. daoko) (1080p full video) (1080p) from Atlikums on Vimeo.

WTF Japan: Otamatone

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Jul 262013


Now this is strange. Have you ever wanted to make some weird noises out of a weird thing? well now you can! go japan for making strange instruments.

WTF Japan: Japanese Girls Can Dance

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Dec 302012

Forget everything you know about dancing! These girls here have some moves! Check out the video below for some interesting new style.

WTF Japan: Girls+Mud=Not Sexy at All

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Nov 132012

Well I’m just confused here, ever wanted see 2 Japanese girls fall in a mud pit head first? No!?…Me neither, but here you go anyway, enjoy 23 seconds of your life wasted.

Commercial Break: Noobow

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Oct 022012

Time for a Commercial Break! Feeling hungry? Why not get your hands on a delicious bar! Don”t mind the awkward yellow creature.

WTF Japan: Exercising Robot

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Sep 192012

So yeah, This robot likes to do pushups, and it does pushups really well. Watch the whole video at the bottom to see some WTF.

Watch: Dead Sushi Trailer

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Aug 132012

Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl, Robo Geisha)is at it again with another B horror flick, this time Japan’s biggest delicacy is Japan’s biggest nightmare.

WTF Japan: Nice Peace

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Jul 292012

Well Im not sure what to make of this strangely happy and creepy music video. All I have to say is the song is fairly catchy, but watching it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.