Develop One’s Faculties has a NEW maxi-single coming out this April 27th! There will only be one version to come out which will contain 3 songs! “seijou towa” (正常とは), “psychedelic modulation” and “gosouzou ni omakaseshimasu” (ご想像にお任せします). It will retail at 1500 Yen and will be the bands 3rd single to come out. I’m really excited, this band is really cool and its nice to hear new things from them.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: LM.C to Perform at Anime Central 2012

 Posted by Paul on February 7, 2012 at 11:18 am  1 Response »
Feb 072012

LM.C will kick off their 2012 World Tour at Anime Central on April 27-29. LM.C will not only play a concert but also hold a Q&A and Autograph session. If you’re not going to ACen this year, you’ll be missing a fun time. Its wonderful that ACen is already announcing guests and big name ones as that.