J-Rock Tuesdays: BABYMETAL World Tour

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Mar 032015


Cute girls and metal! Who doesn’t want that….well I kinda don’t, kinda just a weird combo. Not sure if those two things mix well, but I guess it mixes well enough for them to go on a WORLD TOUR, hitting my city, Chicago May 14th at House of Blues. thats pretty cool for people cause Anime central is going on that weekend, So for those of you who like Babymetal, why not go see them Thursday night of Acen! Makes for hell of a cool weekend. Babymetal will be hitting many countries starting with Mexico on the 5th of may, Check out their Schedule so far HERE.

Take a walk through Shibuya in 4k

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Sep 042014


Never been to Japan? Well come take a walk through Shibuya in 4K resolution. Now I know you can only watch it in that ultra HD beauty if you have a 4k display, But still check it out anyway even if you don’t. Experience what shibuya is like. Check out the Other videos the youtube user has on his channel to walk through other places in Tokyo like Harajuku.

J-Rock Tuesdays: X Japan at Madison Square Garden!

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Sep 022014

X Japan

The great and mighty X Japan will be Performing at Madison Square Garden in New York on October 11th 2014. This will be the Second time ever a Japanese band has headlined their. The first being L’arc-en-ciel back in 2012. This is exciting news for people that wanna see the band back in action. Get your tickets HERE 

J-Rock Tuesdays: FLOW to Play at AnimeFest 2014

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Jul 082014


We saw them at Anime Central in the past, now we can see them at AnimeFest in Dallas, TX. AnimeFest will be going on August 15-17th. So if you are going be sure to check out FLOW!

< Via AnimeFest >

J-Rock Tuesdays: ONE OK ROCK Live Show in the US!

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Jan 282014


ONE OK ROCK is playing in the US!!! actually, thats a understatement, they will only be playing in LA February 7th and NY on February 9th, so all of us in the midwest, thats kinda of a let down. I’ve wanted to see them forever live!……but wait there is a chance for us midwest people . Did I mention they will also be playing at ROCK ON THE RANGE 2014 in Columbus Ohio! on May 16-18th. I really hope that isn’t all and they announce more cites. Not really much of a US tour if they don’t come to Chicago . anyway for more information on dates and where to buy tickets go HERE 

Jan 152013

Electro/ Heavy Rock fusion band THE SOUND BEE HD will be performing at Katsucon this year! Katsucon will be held on February 15-17 at National Harbor, MD. Katsucon Will be celebrating their 19th year! Thats a long time! For more info on the band and con Visit http://www.katsucon.org/

Music Spotlight: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour

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Nov 122012

Last I met with Paul  he told me that he focused primarily on J-Rock so he asked if I could share some different genres and artists. I wanted to start of with someone who I figured would be familiar so why not start with Kyary Pamyu! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: AYABIE & -OZ- at A-kon 2012

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Feb 072012

AYABIE & -OZ- will be performing at A-kon this year on June 1-3. This is super exciting news, I don’t know to much about AYABIE but I love -OZ- and am so jealous of the people that get to see them. For more info on the bands and the con visit their OFFICIAL SITE and be sure to check out the video message -OZ- made after the break. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: L’Arc en Ciel World Tour

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Jan 242012

L’Arc en Ciel will be going on a world tour starting March 3rd in Hong Kong. Tickets are on sale now with more dates and locations to be added soon. They will be hitting the New York but the date has not been finalized yet. For more information go to the Official Site 

J-Rock Tuesdays: Dir En Grey Still Reckless Tour

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Jan 242012

Dir En Grey is set up to come back to the states this March for their STILL RECKLESS tour. Touring with Asking Alexandria, Trivium, Motionless in White and I See Stars, Dir En Grey will start the tour in Chico, CA on March 6th and end in Louisville, KY on April 7th. For More info visit their official FB Page .