J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW single and DVD from DIR EN GREY

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Feb 092016


Dir En Grey just announced a NEW Single and Live DVD of their performance in Nippon Budokan, to come out this July. Not much is known about the single, but its very exciting. ARCHE was one of my favorite albums so knowing that a new single is coming out is super exciting.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: New Single from UVERworld

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Aug 182015


UVERworld has a NEW single coming this month, August 26th! I LOVE THE WORLD Will have a regular edition and a limited edition that will be a CD+DVD combo and feature live footage of the songs 7th Trigger and Wizard CLUB from the band’s KING’S PARADE at YOKOHAMA ARENA concert.  Both versions will contain 3 tracks! I LOVE THE WORLD is also being used as the theme song to online action game “Dragon Nest”.

CDJapan -Regular Edition

CDJapan -Limited Edition

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Maxi-Single from Suicide Ali

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Nov 292011

January 11th visual kei band Suicide Ali will be releasing their maxi-single titled THE COLD BODY. The maxi-single will contain 3 songs and be available for pre-sale at live venues. Limited to 1,000 copies. If you haven’t heard Suicide Ali yet I really suggest you check em out, they are quite different.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: New Single From GALNERYUS

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Nov 292011

GALNERYUS will be releasing a new single titled Kizuna on January 25th, the single will also contain the song Departure! which was used in the anime Hunter X Hunter. Yay for more GALNERYUS I cannot get enough of those awesome guitar solos.

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JRock Tuesdays: Alice Nine’s New Single

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Sep 132011

Alice Nine has just announced via their Official Site that they will be releasing a new single titled Niji No Yuki (にじのゆき) on December 21st. In addition to the singe Alice Nine will do a nationwide winter tour. I have a couple Alice Nine albums so it will be fun to here their new single, I’ve kinda fell behind on them, so this is exciting news for me.

JRock Tuesdays: New Single from NightingeiL

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Aug 092011

New Single By Nightingeil will be released August 24th titled “Dark World”. The single will Feature 3 tracks. I’m excited for this, I’ve only have one album from them but am really excited to hear more from them.