J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs

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Mar 012016

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Check out these awesome new PVs & MVs form Kiryu, MEJIBRAY, Misaruka and more! Watch them below. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW PVs

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Feb 092016


Check out these new PVs from Xaa Xaa,Kiryu, The GALLO & more. Watch them after the break. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs Sept 3-9 2014

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Sep 092014

So I decided to start adding the new PVs that come out! Check out all the new PVs after the break! Continue reading »

Sep 132011

This is exciting news!! One of my new favorite Visual Kei bands D, will be releasing a mini-album on November 21st titled Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~. The mini-album will only be availabl by mail order and at their concerts. The CD will be released in 2 versions. Type A will have 5 songs and a PV to the title track and Type B will have 7 tracks. If you order both you will also receive a bonus DVD with the making of footage of the PV. Also October 3rd will commemorate their first overseas tour that took place earlier this year, the will be releasing a limited edition book titled D TOUR 2011 VAMPIRE SAGA. More info on how to order can be found at their OFFICIAL SITE