Super Sonico Change of Clothes Time Unboxing+Close Up

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Nov 112014



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Sep 182014


Joygazm Gang Reviews a werid Stick Jelly in this episode of SUPER JAPANESE SNACK REVIEW. New episodes every THURSDAY

Vlog: A few Misconceptions about Japan

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Are Otaku really the problem?, I know the word Otaku in the US has a much different meaning to that of its Japanese origin( I wrote a article describing those differences HERE ) but of course I figure Miyazaki is referring to the Otaku of Japan(US nerds are safe….kinda)! In a recent television interview the renowned directer of long lasting classics is quoted saying that the anime industry is in trouble because industry staff is made up of otaku who “don’t spend time watching real people” and are “humans who can’t stand looking at other humans.” Sounds a bit harsh, but Miazaki explained that animating people can only come from people who have observed other people. I guess people who are social and can get the mannerisms down and regular motion of human beings. Otaku’s of Japan are not social and I guess thats why he see’s the anime industry is suffering. What do you think? Does the anime industry need a change of the people who work in it?

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Con Report: Daisho Con 2012

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Dec 142012

Daisho Con was a bit of a drive for us from home base so we made our mad dash to the Wisconsin Dells for a fun waterpark and convention all in one. (see what I did there) Continue reading »

Super Anime Trivia: Kitsune Kon 2012

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Apr 072012

We test the knowledge of anime fans at Kitsune Kon 2012

Cons This Weekend: March 21-25 2012

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Mar 202012

Warm wether equals more fun! Lets grab our summer cosplay and check out a con this weekend! Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: January 27-29 2012

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Jan 232012

Well January is almost over so why not celebrate by heading to a con this weekend. Continue reading »

Con Report: Anime-Zap! 2012

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Jan 202012

Who knew a 2 day con without guests could be so fun! Anime-Zap! was held in Peoria IL on Jan 7-8. This was the cons 3rd year running and I have to say I was happy with what they had. Continue reading »

WTF Japan: World Masturbation Champion

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Dec 242011

I know a lot of you forever alone guys would like a chance at the title, but I don’t think anyone can beat this guy!