Make Your own One Punch Man Steamed Pizza Buns

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Mar 112016

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.57.25 PM

Do you want your own little bald Saitama head you can into into? Well your in luck, Youtube channel “Sweet The MI” teaches us how to make these delicious looking ONE PUNCH MAN steamed pizza buns. Watch Below!

Watch: JAM Project Perform ONE PUNCH MAN opening LIVE

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Feb 172016

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Check out this awesome live performance of JAM Projects “The Hero!”, The ONE PUNCH MAN opening song. Its an awesome song and great live show. Check it out below.

First Impressions: One Punch Man

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Oct 052015


“I’ve Become To Strong”, One Punch Man has just premiered and its amazing. The story follows Saitama, A man who is a hero for fun! One day he saves a boy from a crab monster and then decides to train for 3 years. Saitama is now the strongest man and can defeat any enemy with one punch. The story is ridiculous, the main character is ridiculous, and it makes everything awesome. This anime got me hooked real quick, huge monsters, great action, and weird low brow comedy make this anime really interesting. Saitama is just funny looking, hes bald and has this plain face and kinda lame outfit. But everything works, and I can’t wait for episode two. Great art, and great animation. The action sometimes reminded me of Kill La Kill, it had those extreme angles and quick camera movements. Overall this is a great first episode and I definitely recommend checking it out. Watch the first episode below! Continue reading »