Mar 012016

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March 9th XENON will be releasing a NEW Single called “Othello!” The CD will contain the tracks Time Lost (タイムロスト) & Fixxer, and unfortunately be limited to 1000 copies! So go buy it HERE. XENON is a great band and I’m excited to hear it when it comes out!

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Develop One’s Faculties has a NEW maxi-single coming out this April 27th! There will only be one version to come out which will contain 3 songs! “seijou towa” (正常とは), “psychedelic modulation” and “gosouzou ni omakaseshimasu” (ご想像にお任せします). It will retail at 1500 Yen and will be the bands 3rd single to come out. I’m really excited, this band is really cool and its nice to hear new things from them.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW single and DVD from DIR EN GREY

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Feb 092016


Dir En Grey just announced a NEW Single and Live DVD of their performance in Nippon Budokan, to come out this July. Not much is known about the single, but its very exciting. ARCHE was one of my favorite albums so knowing that a new single is coming out is super exciting.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: New Single from UNiTE

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Feb 092016


NEW single is coming out from Visual Kei band UNite on March 23rd. The single Jupiter will come out with a whopping 7 versions. he regular edition will contain the B-side Io -PiANO COSMiC- plus a DVD of the music video for Jupiter. Meanwhile, Limited Edition Types Y, M, L, H and S will each feature an exclusive B-side alongside the title track.

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Mar 102015


May 13th post-hardcore band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas will release their new single Starburst. There will be two version, both containing the title track and also a track called Struggle to Survive. The normal edition will be CD only, while the premium will include a bonus DVD featuring footage from ,First One Man Show 2014. 

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J-Rock Tuesday: Awoi to Disband!

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Apr 222014


Oh no!!! what a sad day for Jrock fans!! Awoi has decided to disband later this year on October 22nd Their tenth year anniversary. Of course before the disbandment they will be releasing a best of album sometime in August, followed by a final single in september. They have a few more live shows  planned for August and September. I really enjoyed Awoi and their music, they had a unique sound in a vast ocean of cookie cutter jrock bands. I wish them all the best and will now go on my ipod, put Awoi on shuffle and cry.

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Single from Vistlip

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Jan 292013

Vistlip has a new single coming out April 3rd. The single titled CHIMERA will be released in 3 different versions, “Vister” edition will feature a DVD with the official PV and making of CHIMERA, The “lipper” edition will be CD only, and the Special edition will be CD only + a deluxe booklet.

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