Anime Milwaukee 2016 Music Video

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Mar 162016


Check out the fun that was Anime Milwaukee!

WTF Japan: Cutest Idol Music Video

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Jan 182016

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.10.07 PM

Now who doesn’t love a cute Japanese Idol, and I think I’ve found the cutest of them all, check out the video below


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Dec 082014


In case you still havent seen it! here is that crazy music video by Teddyloid – ME!ME!ME! (feat. daoko). this music video is just as fucked up as it is arousing. definitely NSFW check out the video below!


TeddyLoid – ME!ME!ME! (feat. daoko) (1080p full video) (1080p) from Atlikums on Vimeo.

JoygazmTV: Youmacon 2014 Music Video

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Nov 072014


Check out all the fun that was Youmacon 2014! be sure to go next year! It was a Blast!!

JoygazmTV: Ramencon 2014 MUSIC VIDEO!

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Sep 232014

WE were at Ramencon last weekend,Check out how fun it was in the Music Video below!

J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs Sept 3-9 2014

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Sep 092014

So I decided to start adding the new PVs that come out! Check out all the new PVs after the break! Continue reading »

Watch: Hatsune Miku Music Video for Weekender Girl

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Aug 232012

Hatsune miku has a new music video up! The song “Weekender Girl” is from Sega’s upcoming PSVita game “Hastusne Miku-Project Diva- F” which is set to be released on August 30th. Check out the super cute Miku down below in this catchy song.

Watch: Kitsune Kon 2012 MV

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Apr 062012

We had tons of fun at Kitsune Kon 2012. Check out the Montage video for proof!

JoygazmTV: Anime Milwaukee 2012 Montage Video

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Feb 212012

This con was lots of fun, here is a video to show people who didn’t go what they missed out on

Anime Crossroads 2011 Montage Video

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Dec 212011