Develop One’s Faculties has a NEW maxi-single coming out this April 27th! There will only be one version to come out which will contain 3 songs! “seijou towa” (正常とは), “psychedelic modulation” and “gosouzou ni omakaseshimasu” (ご想像にお任せします). It will retail at 1500 Yen and will be the bands 3rd single to come out. I’m really excited, this band is really cool and its nice to hear new things from them.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To- My Bacteria Heat Island

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Apr 282015


My Bacteria Heat Island is a fairly new band. Formed by former VO of Chemical Pictures, Tenten. MBHI has a an awesome sound, a heavier alternative rock sound. They have quickly become my go to band when I dont know what to listen to. All their songs are fun, unique and memorable. Tenten has a great voice and its great to see a band that is very visual in their style have music that goes against the grain of main stream sounding Visual Bands.  Check out the song below to see what I mean.

NEW Vocaloid Voiced by Actress Kou Shibasaki

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Jul 102014


I love my self some vocaloid, even though I’m not that great at keeping up with all the stuff! And damn there is a lot of stuff. But, wow this NEW vocaloid is super cute and is voiced by Actress Kou Shibasaki who has appeared in films like Battle Royale and Dororo. The vocaloid is named Galaco and was designed by Jiro Tomioka, Galaco will feature two voice libraries and the VOCALOID3 Library Galaco NEO software will be available for purchase and download next month! The software will retail at about $170. Check after the break to see a full image of the cute Galaco Continue reading »

JRock Tuesdays: Listen to: The Studs

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Jul 082014


After Deadman broke up I was sad.But then I discovered The Studs!(even though they are disbanded now aswell) formed by Daisuke (formerly Kagerou) and aie (formerly of Deadman) The Studs are fantastic in many ways! Daisukes vocals are rich and raw sounding. Hew doesn’t sound like all those other Jrock singers, he actually has lots of emotion in his voice. The studs music is very organic sounding, just raw and real instruments. non of that new computer sounding bullshit. Plan and simple The Studs are just Rock and Roll. Check out one of their songs after the break! Continue reading »

JRock Tuesdays: Listen To: Sukekiyo

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Jul 012014


Anything Kyo from Dir En Grey makes is gold and his side/solo project Sukekiyo is just that. Don’t listen to this band expecting to hear another Dir En Grey, because its far from that. Sukekiyo isnt heavy and loud, its softer and creepier. Kyo’s voice brings chills to my spine. Kyo has always liked trying new things and creating music that is different, and Sukekiyo is just that! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesday: Awoi to Disband!

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Apr 222014


Oh no!!! what a sad day for Jrock fans!! Awoi has decided to disband later this year on October 22nd Their tenth year anniversary. Of course before the disbandment they will be releasing a best of album sometime in August, followed by a final single in september. They have a few more live shows  planned for August and September. I really enjoyed Awoi and their music, they had a unique sound in a vast ocean of cookie cutter jrock bands. I wish them all the best and will now go on my ipod, put Awoi on shuffle and cry.

WTF Japan: Slap that Bass

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Jan 312014


If only all Bass players looked as cute as that. Unfortunately we get bass players that look like in the video below. I will say this, he knows how to slap that bass.

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: NICO Touches the Walls

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Jan 282014


NICO Touches the Walls reminds me of a better time, free from stress. Where opertunity was everywhere and love was in the air.  Music now and days has become so trendy, and only about being trendy, This band has heart and soul, that can’t be found in the bands of today. The Rock band was formed in 2004 and consists of: Continue reading »

WTF Japan: Otamatone

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Jul 262013


Now this is strange. Have you ever wanted to make some weird noises out of a weird thing? well now you can! go japan for making strange instruments.

Jan 152013

Electro/ Heavy Rock fusion band THE SOUND BEE HD will be performing at Katsucon this year! Katsucon will be held on February 15-17 at National Harbor, MD. Katsucon Will be celebrating their 19th year! Thats a long time! For more info on the band and con Visit