Mar 052016


The awesome and incredible “Beat” Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale, Fireworks, Outrage) has been cast to play Chief Aramaki, in the anticipated live action Ghost in the Shell movie. I think he is a great choice to play the commanding officer of section 9, and will love to see him in this movie. With a March 31, 2017 release date at hand, you should expect more and more news regarding the film!

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Feb 222016


According to Collider, producer Roy Lee told the entertainment site that there is “zero chance” that the planned Death Note movie will receive anything lower than a R rating. The movie hasn’t been officially greenlit but roy is “fairly confident” that production on the film will begin this year. Adam Wingard (The Guest, You’re Next) has signed on to direct the film, lets hope that Hollywood doesn’t screw this up. But then again do we need a hollywood version of Death Note since we already have the Japanese live action movies?

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Feb 042016

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The official site for the Live-Action Wolf Girl & Black Prince has just released a teaser! The film based on a manga by Ayuko Hatta opens in Japan on May 28. Check out the trailer below. I’ve never seen the anime but I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and this looks super cute.

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Bakuman Live Action Movie Gets Release Date

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Apr 152015


So Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata‘s Bakuman is getting a Live Action adaptation. Slated to be released on October 3rd this year. This is great news, I love the manga, speaking of which, I should finish it.The film follows Mashiro (played by Takeru Satoh) and Takagi (played by Ryunosuke Kamaki)as they walk the path to becoming manga creators. Hitoshi Ōne will be directing and Obata is said to be staff on the film as well, provide his artwork. Continue reading »

Life Size Patlabor Ingram Outside Tokyo Shopping Mall

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Oct 152014


First a Life Size Gundam and now this!! Fans of Patlabor will be excited to see this awesome life size AV-98 Ingram robot outside Tokyo’s Lalaport Toyosu shopping mall. The robot is 1 of 2 robots made for the Live action The Next Generation Patlabor Project! Check out the Timelapse video below by Darwinfish to see the awesome robot!

Death Note….the Musical?

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Dec 142013


Death Note is being adapted into a stage musical in Japan and South Korea! There seems to be a trend going on with anime turning into musicals, first bleach, and Black Butler and now this!  The musical is set to be scored by famous american composer Frank Wildhorn and Natalie Cole. Tamiya Kuriyama is directing and lyrics and script are being done by  Jack Murphy and Ivan Menchell. The first performance is set to be done in april 2015. So we have a long ways to see this come to reality, but it is happening. Its very cool to see American and Japanese collaborate on a project like this. Hope it turns out well.

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Apr 242013

Acclaimed director of movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro, is developing Urasawa’s famous Manga “Monster” into a possible television series for HBO. Del Toro and Steven Thompson (Dr. Who, Sherlock) are writing the pilot with Del Toro directing. No news yet on when we will be able to see it come to TV but I am pretty damn excited, Monster is an amazing thriller and would fit really well as a live action TV show.

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Metal Gear Solid Live Action Movie Announced

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Aug 302012

I’ve been waiting forever for this moment! During the “Metal Gear 25th Anniversary party” Konami announced the the franchise would get its own Hollywood Adaptation. Columbia Pictures is going to produce the film and Avi Arad will serve as producer. Arad came to the even in Japan and said that they would make the film with a spirit faithful to the original games. I’m very excited to see a Metal Gear movie, let just hope Michael bay isn’t sign on to direct.

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Jun 172012

Gackt (seen far right in picture above) will star as Oda Nobunaga, in the first ever Live-action TV show insbired by Capcom’s historical Action game Sengoku Basara. The show will also star Kento Hayashi as Date Masamune (center) and Kōhei Takeda as Sanada Yukimura (left).Gackt will also be contributing to the ending theme song “Hakuro.” The show will premiere July 12 on MBS and will run every Thursday night at 1:25 am .

155693-Steel Battalion 1

Mamoru Oshii (director of Ghost in the Shell, Sky Crawlers) directed this live action trailer for the new Steel Battalion Game coming out. Capcom will release the game for the Xbox 360 on June 19th in the states.