J-Rock Tuesdays: BABYMETAL World Tour

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Mar 032015


Cute girls and metal! Who doesn’t want that….well I kinda don’t, kinda just a weird combo. Not sure if those two things mix well, but I guess it mixes well enough for them to go on a WORLD TOUR, hitting my city, Chicago May 14th at House of Blues. thats pretty cool for people cause Anime central is going on that weekend, So for those of you who like Babymetal, why not go see them Thursday night of Acen! Makes for hell of a cool weekend. Babymetal will be hitting many countries starting with Mexico on the 5th of may, Check out their Schedule so far HERE.



If you have ever been to Japan, then you would know sandwiches from convenience stores like 7eleven and Family Mart have the tastiest most simple and cheap sandwiches around! In this 1st ever Kuris Kitchen, Kuri will teach you how to make that simple but delicious sandwich

Thats Kawaii as F***: Cat March

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Jun 272013


Welcome to a new segment, Thats Kawaii as F*** will focus on all things cute! To start things off check out one of the cutest videos ever, if this doesn’t make you smile, I’m sorry but you must be Hitler

SJSR 204: Happy Kitchen Hamburgers

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Sep 272012

In this episode of Joygazm’s Super Jaspanese Snack Review we get our hand on some little Happy Kitchen burgers provided by our friends over at DirectJapan, watch us use our cooking magic powers and make some cute tiny hamburgers!

Anime Milwaukee 2012: Hoshi No Yume Maid Cafe

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Feb 232012

We got a chance to talk with the head Maid & butler of the Hoshi No Yume Cafe at Anime Milwaukee 2012 for more info on them visit their OFFICIAL SITE

WTF Japan: PS3 Game- Galgun

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Feb 092012

From my understanding Galgun is a game for the PS3 and uses the PS Move controller where pretty much girls come out of nowhere like zombies from House of the Dead, but instead of killing em you point the controller at parts of their body to make them all squishy with love 0____0 just watch the video after the break to get the idea. Gets interesting at the 3min mark. Continue reading »

Kawaii: Cats in Bowls

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Nov 292011

Starting another new segment called “Kawaii,” this is where I will be posting all the cutest things that can ever find from the land that is addicted with all things kawaii! So get ready to just smile in awww. For the first Kawaii post I bring you cats in bowls

Commercial Break: Lotte Fit’s

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Oct 052011

Time for a Commercial Break! eeew gross your breath smells….make sure to have some soft and long lasting flavor gum ….boop boop Fit’s

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Anime Girl of the Week: Hatsune Miku

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Sep 092011

Seems like a lot of new segments are getting started, this time every week will showcase a anime girl and why she is so awesome. To start the first weeks anime girl is the lovely Hatsune Miku, For those who don’t know who she is, Miku is a Vocaloid , she is a cute digital pop star, Now endorsed by Toyota she is trying to gain more popularity in the states.  Continue reading »

Necomimi : Electronic Cat Ears

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Aug 252011

OMG Japan why have you created such a wonderful thing. Neurowear has developed cat ears that respond by your brain activity. we are now this much closer to getting real Catgirls. Check out the video for more details, Don’t get to excited boys. also more videos of the cat ears being used on the official site

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