J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To -The Black Swan

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Feb 022016


The Black Swan was formed by ex-Nega member Jin in 2014. I love the bands sound and everything they keep putting out is amazing. The black swan is slowly gaining its rank up as one of my current Favorite J-Rock bands. They are very progressive sounding, similar to the last music 12012 put out before they went on Hiatus . The leads voice is very eerie and addicting to listen to. Check out the Song below to have an eargasm.


Aug 182015


Black Gene For The Next Scene was formed in 2011 by ex-Xodiack front man ICE. They currently have 2 full albums. Black Gene is really well rounded, they are considered Electronic Metal, but they are much more than that. ICE has that typical deep Visual Kei-esque voice that I love and there songs are very catchy. They try to mix a whole lot of sounds into their music which works for the most part but sometimes doesn’t. I wish they used less electronics and just stayed with the more traditional rock style. Overall Black Gene is awesome and I definitely will look forward to anything they put out. Check out the song after the break to get a feel of what they are about. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen to: D.I.D (Until the day I Die)

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Sep 022014


I never thought I would find someone that could almost match Kyo’s (dir en grey) amazing vocal range and intense growls and demon-esque screams. But then I found Akane from D.I.D . If I had to describe this band in one sentence I would say “Younger generation Dir En Grey”, They have the intenseness of Dir En Grey but with more of a younger pop like feel…if that makes any sense. But I cant just compare them to Dir En Grey, They have a uniqueness that just keeps you listening. The band Debuted in 2012 and was founded by Akane(ex Para:noir) and  Shou(ex Para:noir). Of course like all bands I discover this band is on hiatus. Akane was emited to the hospital for a mental illness. They even had to cancel their NEW single which was suppose to come out back in June.  Check out their Site HERE and be sure to like their Facebook page. Check out this incredible song after the break from their last album “Paranoid Personality”. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: FLOW to Play at AnimeFest 2014

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Jul 082014


We saw them at Anime Central in the past, now we can see them at AnimeFest in Dallas, TX. AnimeFest will be going on August 15-17th. So if you are going be sure to check out FLOW!

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J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW ALBUM from Lycaon

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Jul 082014


Finally a new album from Lycaon is coming, just had to wait about 4 years. Their album titled Camera obscura will be released on February 4th of next year. Still a long time to wait, but luckily they will have a single come out before that titled Shadow, coming october 22nd. Hopefully that will hold you over until their Album releases. oh and did I mention they are going on tour next year!, Yup the tour MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA Vol.1 will begin March 7th 2015 and end sadly only 7 shows later.

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J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW Album from Matenrou Opera

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Jul 082014


YES!! Another album by the always amazing Matenrou Opera is coming to us this September 3rd! This is so exciting, I’ve loved every album of theirs so far, so its great to get a new one. The new Album, titled AVALON will have 12 tracks. In addition to a new album the band will start their AVALON TOUR on September 17th and will end on October 18th. Now the band just has to get their butts to Chicago and I’ll be happy.

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JRock Tuesdays: Listen to: The Studs

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Jul 082014


After Deadman broke up I was sad.But then I discovered The Studs!(even though they are disbanded now aswell) formed by Daisuke (formerly Kagerou) and aie (formerly of Deadman) The Studs are fantastic in many ways! Daisukes vocals are rich and raw sounding. Hew doesn’t sound like all those other Jrock singers, he actually has lots of emotion in his voice. The studs music is very organic sounding, just raw and real instruments. non of that new computer sounding bullshit. Plan and simple The Studs are just Rock and Roll. Check out one of their songs after the break! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesday: Awoi to Disband!

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Apr 222014


Oh no!!! what a sad day for Jrock fans!! Awoi has decided to disband later this year on October 22nd Their tenth year anniversary. Of course before the disbandment they will be releasing a best of album sometime in August, followed by a final single in september. They have a few more live shows  planned for August and September. I really enjoyed Awoi and their music, they had a unique sound in a vast ocean of cookie cutter jrock bands. I wish them all the best and will now go on my ipod, put Awoi on shuffle and cry.

Jan 282014


DIR EN GREY’S new single shows us that a band can just keep getting better. DIR EN GREY has grown and changed so much since their Visual Kei day’s , they’ve gotten darker, angrier, and more mature. The new single Sustain the Untruth shows just that. The song is strong and wont let your ears down. It catches you right in and lets you melt into their heavy air and Kyo’s beautiful voice. The single was released on the 22nd this month and the basic CD has 3 songs, Sustain The Untruth(their Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: NICO Touches the Walls

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Jan 282014


NICO Touches the Walls reminds me of a better time, free from stress. Where opertunity was everywhere and love was in the air.  Music now and days has become so trendy, and only about being trendy, This band has heart and soul, that can’t be found in the bands of today. The Rock band was formed in 2004 and consists of: Continue reading »