Commercial Break: Georgia Max Coffee

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Mar 082016


Time for a commercial break! Are you tired of driving a car and would rather just lay on your stomach and hold on to wheels. Well your in luck because Max Coffee will give you the energy you need to finish first in the race of life!


Commercial Break: Okamoto Zero One

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Feb 032016


Time for a commercial break! If you’re a dinosaur, and your having unprotected sex, your partner wont like it. Use Okamoto Zero One condoms. Don’t be prehistoric.

Commercial Break: Mesocare

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Sep 042014


Time for a Commercial Break! Life can be stressful, and stress is not good for your hair. Have you ever felt like there was little people hanging of your hair yelling at you? Well if you have then Mesocare Scalp treatment shampoo is for you.

Commercial Break: Subaru

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Jan 142013

Time for a commercial Break! Usually I post funny or strange commercials, but this time I found one that is actually pretty heart warming.

Commercial Break: Game Boy Advance

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Jun 212012

Time for a commercial break! why go out and swim during this hot weather when you can stay inside and enjoy a nice cool Game Boy Advance.

Commercial Break: Gyunyu Milk

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Sep 292011

Well Its time for a commercial break. Dodge a ridiculous amount of chalk by drinking Gyunyu Milk!

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Commercial Break: Calbee

 Posted by Paul on September 15, 2011 at 1:25 pm  1 Response »
Sep 152011

Its time for a Commercial Break. don’t get dog hair in your mouth as you enjoy chips by Calbee

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