Happy Miku Day!

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Mar 092016

March 9 is Hatsune miku appreciation day in Japan! This is because in Japanese the word for “3” can be pronounced as “mi” and “9” as “ku” so March 9 is Miku! Also though 3 can be pronounced “san” and 9 “kyuu” which equals San-kyuu….which sounds like Thank You! So Thank you Miku for being these coolest digital girl I know!

News: Hatsune Miku’s ‘Snow’ design confirmed!

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Dec 252012

Hey hey guys, Kuri here! Miku always has a different outfit/look for every winter, and they finally picked one for her 2013 look. I’m not liking it too much, but let me know what you think?

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Limited Edition Hatsune Miku Walkman

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Aug 292012

Sony had released Limited edition Hatsune Miku themed walkmans, sadly though this news comes a bit to late, They have sold out of all 3,939 units this month that were produced. Im posting this because just look at how cute and wonderful these walkmans look! I would have totally wanted it, espcially with the price point of $163 and that they had the song “Hoshi no Kakera” pre-installed, what Miku fan wouldnt want one.

Watch: Hatsune Miku Music Video for Weekender Girl

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Aug 232012

Hatsune miku has a new music video up! The song “Weekender Girl” is from Sega’s upcoming PSVita game “Hastusne Miku-Project Diva- F” which is set to be released on August 30th. Check out the super cute Miku down below in this catchy song.

Hatsune Miku in FamilyMart Commercial is scary

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Aug 152012

3D Miku is a bit frightening wouldn’t you say? But, alas she is still cute as ever staring in this TV spot for FamilyMart. the AD Promotes “Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary: Miku Loves FamiMa” campaign that runs till September 10th. People who buy 500 yen or more of selected items will get a chance to win all sorts of prizes, including a original Hatsune Miku themed electric scooter!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

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Jul 162012

Sega and Crypton Future Media brings us an exciting new game for PlayStation Vita featuring Hatsune Miku!

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Jun 192012

Our favorite digital J-Pop star is turning the ripe old age of 5 this August. Since making her debut on August 31st 2007, Miku has become a pop culture icon and has really gained a amazingly large fanbase. To celebrate her B-day Sony Music Direct and Dwango Music entertainment are releasing 2 best of albums. “Hatsune Miku 5th Birthday Best ~memories~” and “Hatsune Miku 5th Birthday Best ~impacts~” will be released Ausgust 1st. The albums will have 19 songs each and feature popular hits like “Melt”,” FREELY TOMORROW”, “Electric Love” as well as 2 new songs written just for the albums.

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Jun 182012

How much better can this get! Check out the video below to hear Still Alive (the ending theme song in Portal) sung in Japanese using Vocaloid software. So much cuter!

Jun 112012

In the video below Koichi Takahashi of Keio University’s Graduate School of Science and Technology shows us this really cool avatar system that is used to track a persons movements and facial expressions. It is really cool to see that we might be able to control Miku and other favorite characters in such an in depth way. Check out the video of the system after the break. Continue reading »

JoygazmTV: Anime Milwaukee 2012 Montage Video

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Feb 212012

This con was lots of fun, here is a video to show people who didn’t go what they missed out on