Make Your own One Punch Man Steamed Pizza Buns

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Mar 112016

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.57.25 PM

Do you want your own little bald Saitama head you can into into? Well your in luck, Youtube channel “Sweet The MI” teaches us how to make these delicious looking ONE PUNCH MAN steamed pizza buns. Watch Below!



New Snacks every Thursday! This week we On super Japanese Snack Review, We wake up with some Petit Pudding Jelly Milk Coffee.

JoygazmTV: Snack Review! Gummy Tsureta Grape-Aji

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Oct 162014


New Episodes every Thursday! This week we eat some Gummy Tsureta Grap-Aji!

Oct 092014


Never knew Ice cream would be so hard. Thats on this episode of Super Japanese Snack Review! New Episodes every Thursday!

Oct 022014


New Episode! Check out as we eat some cute bear thingies! New Episodes every Thursday!

Sep 252014


We dive into a bag of miracles with Miracle Bag Puccho! SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for new snack reviews every THURSDAY!

JoygazmTV: Super Japanese Snack Review Season 3 Premiere

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Sep 112014


Snack Reviews are back and better than ever! Be sure to check them out every THURSDAY. Watch the season premiere below!


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Sep 082014


It been about a year since Season 2 ended, Now we are ready to get back at it this coming thursday!

WTF Japan: Kit Kat Pizza

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Apr 072014


Well, We all Know Japan loves Kit Kats, and their green tea flavored ones are particularly amazing!! Any lovers of kit kats would enjoy that flavor, but on the other hand, do Kit Kats really go well with pizza? Not like on the side or anything but literally in the pizza! Not a great idea, well according to normal sane people but several pizza and cafe chains in Japan will be offering special menus for a limited time, featuring Kit Kat Pizza. Continue reading »

SJSR 211: Super Meat Chips

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Nov 222012

On this episode we Eat some Super meat Chips(not sure of the name), Check out the video below to see our thoughts.