JoygazmTV: Youmacon 2014 Music Video

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Nov 072014


Check out all the fun that was Youmacon 2014! be sure to go next year! It was a Blast!!

Gearing to Go: Anime Milwaukee 2014

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Feb 112014

Anime Milwaukee 2013-0657

Anime Milwaukee is happening this weekend, February 14th-16th! So all of you that don’t have a date for valentines day, Come to Anime Milwaukee and fall in love. Joygazm is gonna be there, getting photo and video coverage. be sure to say hi if you see us, and look forward to our full con report after the con! See you all there!

Con Report: Daisho Con 2012

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Dec 142012

Daisho Con was a bit of a drive for us from home base so we made our mad dash to the Wisconsin Dells for a fun waterpark and convention all in one. (see what I did there) Continue reading »

Gearing to Go: Daisho Con & Midwest Furfest

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Nov 132012

Joygazm will be at 2 different cons this weekend, We have Jaydee & Rowdy going to Midwest Furfest which will be at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL, They will be hopefully make it out alive, as this will be Joygazms first furry con! While those 2 are having fun trying to blend in, Kuri, Stever,Sirin,Richard and myself will be attending Daisho Con in Wisconsin! This will be a fun weekend so be sure to come back to check out our complete coverage of the cons!

Super Anime Trivia: Kitsune Kon 2012

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Apr 072012

We test the knowledge of anime fans at Kitsune Kon 2012

Watch: Kitsune Kon 2012 MV

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Apr 062012

We had tons of fun at Kitsune Kon 2012. Check out the Montage video for proof!

Anime Milwaukee 2012: Interviews

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Feb 262012

We interview the wonderful attendees of Anime Milwaukee 2012

Con Report: Anime-Zap! 2012

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Jan 202012

Who knew a 2 day con without guests could be so fun! Anime-Zap! was held in Peoria IL on Jan 7-8. This was the cons 3rd year running and I have to say I was happy with what they had. Continue reading »

Super Anime Trivia at Anime-Zap! 2012

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Jan 132012

So how knowledgeable were the attendees at Anime-Zap! 2012? Joygazm presents Super Anime Trivia a game show to see just how much do your average con goers know about Anime. Prizes include POCKY!!!

Anime-Zap! 2012 Skits

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Jan 132012