Cons This Weekend: April 10-12 2015

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Apr 062015


Spring Spring Spring! Get your cosplay out and get ready for a con this weekend. Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: February 6-8 2015

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Feb 022015


February is here and there are a ton of cons coming up! so check out what is happening this weekend after the break. Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: December 12-14 2014

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Dec 082014


Haven’t updated in a while, so why not get back in to the swing of things with Cons this weekend! Check out whats happening this weekend after the break! Continue reading »

Cons this Weekend: July 10-13 2014

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Jul 072014


Summer is here, get your butts out to a con this weekend! And be sure to wear your smexiest outfit! Check out the cons this weekend after the break Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: April 25-27 2014

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Apr 212014


While the snow is kinda gone, Why not bring out those sexy cosplays and check out a con this weekend! Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: April 10-13 2014

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Apr 072014


This weekend has a bunch of cons going on! So if you are awesome and get the weekend off(unlike me ), check out one of these cons below! Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: January 18-20 2013

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Jan 142013

A new year and a whole bunch of conventions, Check out what’s happening this weekend at the end of the jump. Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: November 16-18 2012

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Nov 122012

Cons cons cons! They just keep coming and we just keep going! Make this weekend exciting by checking out a con in your area! Continue reading »

Sep 272012

Viz Media has announced that coming Friday, October 12th the character designer of Tiger and Bunny, Masakazu Katsura will be making a guest appearance at the Viz Media Booth #2042! Continue reading »

Con Report: Anime World Chicago

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Aug 152012

Hey hey~ Kuri here! Myself and the Joygazm crew went to Anime World Chicago this past weekend, considering we all live near it, but to review and meet new people, and also to see what this convention can bring to the table. It was a very interesting con and it being their second year, they made an impact!

Continue reading »