Anime Milwaukee 2016 Music Video

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Mar 162016


Check out the fun that was Anime Milwaukee!

Aug 212014


So you have never been to an Anime convention. Well here our my tips to get you threw your first one without dieing

Gearing to Go: Anime Milwaukee 2014

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Feb 112014

Anime Milwaukee 2013-0657

Anime Milwaukee is happening this weekend, February 14th-16th! So all of you that don’t have a date for valentines day, Come to Anime Milwaukee and fall in love. Joygazm is gonna be there, getting photo and video coverage. be sure to say hi if you see us, and look forward to our full con report after the con! See you all there!

Yuu Asakawa to Appear at Anime Central

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Mar 242013



Yuu Asakawa, famous for being the sample voice used for Vocaloid Luka will be appearing at Animc Central 2013. Asakawa is also know for her role as Sakaki from Azumanga Diaoh, Motoko Aoyama in Love Hina, Itoko Osakabe in School Rumble, and more! Be sure to say hi if you see her this year, and please, don’t ask her to sing like luka, she is not a robot.

Cons This weekend: December 21-23

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Dec 172012

We are getting close to the end of 2012 but there are still lots of cool cons to check out, So lets take a look at what cons are happening this weekend! Continue reading »

Con Report: Youmacon 2012

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Nov 162012

Hotel: 5/5 stars

Held in downtown Detroit at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center this hotel, and the adjacent Courtyard Marriott where the Joygazm staff stayed, had just about EVERYTHING you could want. Bonus points: our hotel was connected to the Renaissance Center by tubes!! Just outside the lobby of the Courtyard was an extremely convenient convenience store, walking between the Courtyard and Renaissance Center were other various shops including the famous Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut chain (which I am bummed I missed out on my chance to try it) as well as a CVS pharmacy. Continue reading »

Gearing to Go: Daisho Con & Midwest Furfest

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Nov 132012

Joygazm will be at 2 different cons this weekend, We have Jaydee & Rowdy going to Midwest Furfest which will be at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL, They will be hopefully make it out alive, as this will be Joygazms first furry con! While those 2 are having fun trying to blend in, Kuri, Stever,Sirin,Richard and myself will be attending Daisho Con in Wisconsin! This will be a fun weekend so be sure to come back to check out our complete coverage of the cons!

Cons This Weekend: November 16-18 2012

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Nov 122012

Cons cons cons! They just keep coming and we just keep going! Make this weekend exciting by checking out a con in your area! Continue reading »

Gearing to Go: Youmancon 2012

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Nov 012012

Youmacon 2012 is this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Joygazm’s Kuri and Rowdy will be there to experience what us unfortunate folks cannot experience. We will bring you coverage and as always tell you what we thought of Youmacon 2012, Stay tuned!

Con Report: Midwestria 2012

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Sep 192012

Hey everyone, or should I say everypony! It’s JayDee here with another con report for you to check out. This time Joygazm invaded the halls of the Pheasant Run Resort again (the same location last year’s awesome Kollision Con was held) to check out the first annual Brony-centric convention Midwestria. Hit the jump for more details!

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