Commercial Break: Softbank

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Mar 052016

Time for a commercial break! Do you like disney? well then you’ll love Softbank! why? I don’t know why, I don’t speak Japanese.

Commercial Break: Wonder Core

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Feb 102016


Time for a commercial break! Do you stumble a lot and find yourself falling back, well now you can prevent the fall with wonder core!

Commercial Break: Okamoto Zero One

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Feb 032016


Time for a commercial break! If you’re a dinosaur, and your having unprotected sex, your partner wont like it. Use Okamoto Zero One condoms. Don’t be prehistoric.

Watch: Cool Pokemon 20th anniversary Commercial

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Jan 252016

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.25.16 PM

Pokemon will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and with that they will be airing this commercial during the super bowl February 7, Check it out below, its pretty neat.

Commercial Break: Cup Noodle

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Aug 192015


Time for a commercial break! Do you wanna be a magical girl? Well slurp up some noodles and then you’ll be on your way to wearing cute outfits and fighting crime!

AKB48 Meets Super Smash Bros

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Sep 082014

AKB48 Wallpaper HD 3

Check out this trailer for Super Smash Bros on the 3DS featuring AKB48 girls in battle.

Commercial Break: Yakuza 1 & 2 for Wii U

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Feb 122014


Time for a commercial break! Are you tired of you’re daughter always trying to watch anime while you play games, and you’re wife never staying out long enough so you can make lustful eyes at a video game character. Well then you should get a Wii U where those problems can be solved.

Watch: DD Fist of the North Star 30sec Promo

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Mar 222013


Check out this 30sec Promo for Gag anime DD Fist of th North Star! Kenshiro is looking pretty awesome in the hilarious take on the original. The anime will premiere on April 2nd. Not set in a post-apocolyptic world, we have Kenshiro living in a peaceful Japan working at a convenience store.

Commercial Break: Mister & Miss Donut

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Jan 162013

Time for a Commercial Break! What better way to sell your product than by having Ayumi Hamasaki just be cute in it, and she is quite adorable in this slightly weird commercial for Mister & Miss Donut.

Commercial Break: Nissin Ramen

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Aug 282012

Time for a Commercial Break! Are you a cool guy on a motorcycle? Well then you should defiantly eat Ramen cause thats what the cool guys on motorcycles do!