Anime Milwaukee 2016 Music Video

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Mar 162016


Check out the fun that was Anime Milwaukee!

Cons This Weekend: August 22-24 2014

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Aug 182014


Summer is coming to a close soon, so why not make the best of it by checking out a con this weekend. Check out whats happening after the break! Continue reading »

Gearing to Go: Anime Expo 2012

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Jun 272012

This is an exciting weekend for Joygazm! Now we have been to a lot of cons and now finally we are going to the biggest Anime con in the states, Anime Expo! Its gonna be a fun crazy weekend and we will bring you all back lots of pictures, video, and a full con report! So if you’re going, have fun and say hi if you recognize us! ^_^

Cons This Weekend: March 2-4 2012

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Feb 282012

This weekend we have quite a nice amount of cons, if you have the time be sure to check out what is going on! Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: January 27-29 2012

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Jan 232012

Well January is almost over so why not celebrate by heading to a con this weekend. Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: December 16-18 2011

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Dec 122011

Cons cons cons, its always a fun time at a con so check out what is going on this weekend and have uber fun! Continue reading »

Gearing to Go: Kollision Con 2011

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Nov 142011

Oh how I needed this! Kollision con is this weekend and Joygazm will be there to cover the madness!!! This is its second year and will be held in St Charles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort. I’m excited to see the craziness that will happen. Head over to their official site to get more detail and we’ll see you at the con!