Preview: Ace Attorney Anime!

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Mar 092016

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Ace Attorney will be getting a anime! The show will launch on April 2 in Japan. Check out this preview below.

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Mar 052016


The awesome and incredible “Beat” Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale, Fireworks, Outrage) has been cast to play Chief Aramaki, in the anticipated live action Ghost in the Shell movie. I think he is a great choice to play the commanding officer of section 9, and will love to see him in this movie. With a March 31, 2017 release date at hand, you should expect more and more news regarding the film!

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Feb 282016


Sakura-Con 2016! Next month will have original character designer of Sword Art Online “abec” do a some live Drawing at the convention. Other guests from SOA include Reki Kawahara (Author), Kazuma Miki (KADOKAWA CORPORATION ASCII Media Works Producer), and Shinichiro Kashiwada (Aniplex Producer). Sakura con will be held on March 25-27 at the Washington State Convention Center! This is super exciting to here. Check out the flyer below! Continue reading »

Detective Conan Themed Shoes & Socks!

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Feb 222016


Yes, thats right, you can now solve crimes and mysteries in style with these pair of Socks and Shoes from ERIMAKI SOX. These cute socks feature ties and bowties! and are priced at 5,500 yen (US$48) and 18,500 yen ($162). check out more pictures below.

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Watch: Funimations Production diary of Dimension W

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Feb 122016

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Check out this video where funimation goes into the studio with voice actors Daisuke Ono (Kyouma) and Reina Ueda (Mira) of Dimention W, its fun to watch the making of process. So check it out below.

First Impression: Dimension W

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Feb 012016


Dimension W is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yūji Iwahara, The anime is very new with only having 4 episodes out now. The manga is still ongoing since 2011. DW(Dimension W) takes place in the future. In 2036  a 4 dimension (W) is discovered and is shown to have a seemingly infinite energy supply. Continue reading »

Cool Japan: Hologram Assistant

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Jan 182016

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Gatebox, is a new hologram assistant in the works by vinclu Inc, In the concept video below you can see Azuma Hikari(the hologram character) interacting with a young man. She will greet you and say goodbye as well as serve as a voice activated control for your TV and other home tech. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while and really hope it comes out. I’m sure all of you would love waking up to a cute anime girls voice. Its not for sale yet but apparently will be up for pre-orders with crowdfunding later this year. Check out their site HERE for more info.

First Impressions: Death Parade

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Aug 212015


When you die, You are taken to a place (a bar) and forced to play games to decided the fate of your soul, But there is one catch, you don’t know your dead. Death Parade is 12 episode anime created,written, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Madhouse. I just watched the first few episodes and wow, this anime is very gripping and emotional, with lots of suspense and mystery.The characters are interesting, especially white haired Bartender/Arbiter Decim who is in charge of the DEATH games and judgement of the dead. His unemotional attitude towards the situations is interesting and he is totally an easy cosplay. Continue reading »

Apr 242015

Purple Heart 2

FUNimation was begun streaming the trailer for the complete English Dub of Hyperdimension Neptunia. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack will ship June 9th for $64.98. Check out the trailer below.

First Impressions: Momo Kyun Sword

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Mar 192015


Based on a light novel series by Kibidango Project, Momo Kyun Sword has 12 episodes. Im not gonna lie, the boobs may have gotten me here but so far after watching the first two episodes Momo Kyun Sword is pretty fun. The story is about a girl named Momoko(protagonist) born from a peach and has god-like animal companions that she can combine with using Momkun Possesion. A special move that leads to stronger unique powers and a new outfit/look. The Anime really kind of does feel like playing a video game. Momoko and her companions embark on a journey to find the thousand peach fragments, a treasure that protects her land before the Demon King finds them and causes chaos. Overall the anime has a pretty simple straight forward story, cute and voluptuous character designs and a lot of typical comedy and fanservice. I wouldn’t take this anime to seriously, but it is something fun to just watch and relax.  You can watch the first episode after the break on Hulu. Continue reading »