Anime Milwaukee 2016 Music Video

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Mar 162016


Check out the fun that was Anime Milwaukee!

Gearing to Go: Anime Milwaukee 2014

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Feb 112014

Anime Milwaukee 2013-0657

Anime Milwaukee is happening this weekend, February 14th-16th! So all of you that don’t have a date for valentines day, Come to Anime Milwaukee and fall in love. Joygazm is gonna be there, getting photo and video coverage. be sure to say hi if you see us, and look forward to our full con report after the con! See you all there!

Con Report: Anime Milwaukee 2013

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Apr 242013

Anime Milwaukee 2013-0657
Another great year for another great convention. I have watched Anime Milwaukee grow into something great from its small beginnings. They are doing a lot of things right and imporoving on the things they can work on. Let just say if you haven’t been to AMKE yet then its about time you throw them in your calender on one of the must go to cons. Continue reading »

Con Report: Anime Milwaukee 2012

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Feb 292012

Anime Milwaukee 2012 was a great convention! I can safely say that Anime Milwaukee has reached big con status. The attendance nearly doubled since last year and AMKE is really starting to get up there with the big cons. I was very impressed with how it was run and what it had to offer. Continue reading »

Anime Milwaukee 2012: Interviews

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Feb 262012

We interview the wonderful attendees of Anime Milwaukee 2012

JoygazmTV: Anime Milwaukee 2012 Montage Video

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Feb 212012

This con was lots of fun, here is a video to show people who didn’t go what they missed out on

Gearing To Go: Anime Milwaukee 2012

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Feb 172012

yayaya…today is Anime Milwaukee, Be sure to say Hi if you see us!. time for a weekend of fun, be sure to come back after the con for awesome con coverage, review, videos, and pictures!