Anime St. Louis 2011


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Con Report by Rowdy: Anime St. Louis

The Little Con that could! After a 4 hour drive (Google Maps said 4h 40m – shows what kind of driver Paul is lol) We finally made it to Anime St. Louis! Well more like Anime Colinsville =P Though you could kind of see the arch far in the distance… Related posts: Con Report by […]

♥Con Report ♥ by Rainbow Ice 「(゚ペ) ~ Anime St. Louis 2011♥

♥~The Way There~♥ Paul, Rowdy, and myself headed out at 7 am on Friday morning so we’d  be at Anime St. Louis as early as we could. Because of this I now know I definitely dislike long car rides (ι´Д`) ….. at least during the day time…..But it was worth it for a convention. Related posts: Con Report by Paul: […]

Con Report by Paul: Anime St. Louis 2011

Well we are back From Anime St. Louis….been back for a while actually, just now got around to writing a report on the con. So me, Rainbow Ice, and Rowdy drove 4 hours to just go for one day friday( didn’t have work off for the weekened) and let me say that I am NOT […]

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