C2E2 2011


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Con Report: C2E2 2011

Well C2E2 is over…and the Reporting can start. Sadly Me and Rainbow Ice were only there on Friday with Griff(he went all 3 days). But we Still had fun. First I Geuss we can talk about location. C2E2 was held at McCormick Place, I haven’t been there in ages so I totally forgot how huge […]

Gearing to go: C2E2

C2E2 is only 2 days away and we here at Joygazm are Psyched to be there. This is the cons 2nd year( sadly missed the first) and I’m expecting a lot of fun. I will be there in Cosplay, going only friday ( Damn my day job), Luckily our own Griff will be there all 3 […]

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