Anime Milwaukee 2011


Anime Milwaukee 2011: DDR Troll from Joygazm on Vimeo.

Ball tapping Rowdy at Anime Milwaukee 2011 from Joygazm on Vimeo.

Walking through anime Milwaukee from Joygazm on Vimeo.

♥☆♥☆(o*・ω・)ノ ~Anime Milwaukee: Lolita Review ~ ヾ(´・ω・`) ☆♥☆♥

There was quit a few Lolita’s at the Anime Milwaukee convention. The ones I had enjoyed the most was the over the top sweet Lolita looks. They looked so adorable and something I’ll probably be doing sometime in the near future (I’m working on a plushie cake to wear on my head as  I’m writing this…. (♡´∀`♡) ….). All […]

Con Report: Anime Milwaukee 2011

Well we are back and after a few days of recovery this post is now ready ^_^, This was my first year at Anime Milwaukee, and I do have to say that I’m happy with what they got going. Instead of trying to fit everything about the con in one post we are gonna break […]

CON REPORT: Anime Milwaukee

Anime Milwaukee is just 2 weeks away and Joygazm will be there ( well some of us authors will). After the con is over and we all have recovered from the excessive drinking and partying, we will be putting up our insight and experience of the convention. This will be My first time Attending Anime […]

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