Aya Brea – 3rd Birthday cosplay

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Jan 042011

The new Square Enix game The 3rd Birthday has been recently released for the PSP. A new chapter from the Parasite Eve franchise, Aya Brea sports a new look and more than one in the game 😉 This is pretty much her main look.

No,  it’s not an action figure.The cosplayer did a great job capturing Aya’s appearance. The top, belt, torn jeans, and boots. It doesn’t seem like a difficult costume, but getting those details right is important; like the style of her wig. Also, the guns look so cool, don’t they? Now, if only she can do the evening gown from the first Parasite Eve, that would be awesome…and the hot secretary outfit too.

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  1. A pamphlet came with the purchase (new) of The 3rd Birthday explaining the costume for Lightning. I’ll type it up word-for-word:

    Their personalities may differ, but one thing Aya Brea and Lightning have in common is that they both have a knack for saving humanity in style. Now Lightning can stand up to the warriors of Chaos in Aya Brea’s new look: a tight black vest and torn jeans!

  2. Have you played this game yet? I wonder why in the new Dissidia – Lightnings extra costume is Aya Brea’s torn up jeans look. Must be a publicity stunt:

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