Gearing up for ACen!!

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May 162013

22600-620x-animecentralHey guys. Is everyone who is going to ACen ready? The big convention kicks off tomorrow and we are all set to go here at Joygazm. Be sure to say hi if you see us. We may even have a special treat for you if your lucky. See ya there!!

Con Report: Anime Milwaukee 2013

 Posted by Paul on April 24, 2013 at 7:12 pm  2 Responses »
Apr 242013

Anime Milwaukee 2013-0657
Another great year for another great convention. I have watched Anime Milwaukee grow into something great from its small beginnings. They are doing a lot of things right and imporoving on the things they can work on. Let just say if you haven’t been to AMKE yet then its about time you throw them in your calender on one of the must go to cons. Continue reading »

Con Report: Kitsune Kon 2013

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Apr 092013


Another year has come and gone for Kitsune Kon which means its time for the 2013 CON REPORT!

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Con Report: Special Mention: Midwest Karaoke Madness!

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Feb 182013

We here at Joygazm have been to many many cons. At all the conventions we have gone to, there are some staples you have to have in order to ensure you are going to meet expectations of your con attendees, the sum of all these staples is to keep them entertained with something to do. Down time is the worst thing a con can have. One thing that has saved a con from downtime or lack of major events is Karaoke, and our friends at Midwest Karaoke Madness have always managed to up the con goer experience at every con they are featured at by bringing fun and entertainment! They never let down and make every con an overall better experience. So con chairmen take note, an easy path to keep your success going is to make sure you have a good Karaoke setup and these guys bring the best! Thanks again guys for making another great convention even better!! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook! Midwest Karaoke Madness

Con Report: Daisho Con 2012

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Dec 142012

Daisho Con was a bit of a drive for us from home base so we made our mad dash to the Wisconsin Dells for a fun waterpark and convention all in one. (see what I did there) Continue reading »

Con Report: Youmacon 2012

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Nov 162012

Hotel: 5/5 stars

Held in downtown Detroit at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center this hotel, and the adjacent Courtyard Marriott where the Joygazm staff stayed, had just about EVERYTHING you could want. Bonus points: our hotel was connected to the Renaissance Center by tubes!! Just outside the lobby of the Courtyard was an extremely convenient convenience store, walking between the Courtyard and Renaissance Center were other various shops including the famous Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut chain (which I am bummed I missed out on my chance to try it) as well as a CVS pharmacy. Continue reading »

Con Report: Ramencon 2012

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Oct 212012

Hey hey fellow Otakus! Sorry for the late report, we have been extra busy with things, but do not worry! We always run to the finish line. Anyways, heard of Ramencon? Were you there? Please keep reading to see what Joygazm thought of the convention!

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Con Report: Midwestria 2012

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Sep 192012

Hey everyone, or should I say everypony! It’s JayDee here with another con report for you to check out. This time Joygazm invaded the halls of the Pheasant Run Resort again (the same location last year’s awesome Kollision Con was held) to check out the first annual Brony-centric convention Midwestria. Hit the jump for more details!

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Con Report: Anime World Chicago

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Aug 152012

Hey hey~ Kuri here! Myself and the Joygazm crew went to Anime World Chicago this past weekend, considering we all live near it, but to review and meet new people, and also to see what this convention can bring to the table. It was a very interesting con and it being their second year, they made an impact!

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Con Report: Anime Iowa 2012

 Posted by Kuri on August 1, 2012 at 4:22 pm  1 Response »
Aug 012012

Hello hello~ I went to a con called Anime Iowa last weekend, and it was my first year. Anyone else been to it? It was very interesting to see new people and let alone be in another state and to see how they run cons in that area. From the cosplay to the music to the masquerade, every con has a way to ‘defining’ cosplay!

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