The Touhou Project

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Nov 132012


Shrine maidens, witches, puppeteers, and a whole bunch of mischievous youkai. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gensokyo where 99% of the population is female. Continue reading »

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

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Jul 162012

Sega and Crypton Future Media brings us an exciting new game for PlayStation Vita featuring Hatsune Miku!

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Mar 242011

Earthquake in Japan

As you should know, there was an Earthquake in Japan that was 8.9, the students from Trident felt the earthquake and said it was one of the biggest they have felt. They were pretty far away from where it happened, so they are fine and haven’t suffered directly from the tragedy. The quake has slightly slowed down development but we are just happy that everyone is okay.

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Japan Game Development Blog: We Have a Winner

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Feb 062011

And… the game we will be working on is… *drum roll*

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Japan Game Development Blog: Engrish Happens

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Jan 202011
Concept art for Dimensional Drift by Barbara

Concept art for Dimensional Drift by Barbara

Lots of fun stuff happened since my last post! So this should be fun!

First, I decided that with these blog posts, I will try to share some of the funny Engrish/Japanese language failures I tend to see with this project. I will call these posts, “Engrish Happens”, because it does, and it’s usually funny.

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Japan Game Development Blog: Intro

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Jan 042011
concept art

concept art

I just started working on a video game project at my school, DePaul. It is a collaboration project between DePaul and a Japanese gaming school, Trident. This is one of the first times an oversees gaming project between an American and Japanese gaming school is being done on the academic level. So I decided I will be blogging about the project here to share how things are going for anyone who is interested in game development or how an oversees collaboration project might work out – already there’s been some fun stuff going on and I am sure there will be more 😉 Continue reading »