J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW Album From NIGHTMARE

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Mar 032015


March 25th marks the release of NIGHTMARE’S new album Carpe Diem. The album will come in 3 versions. Type A will have 12 tracks + PV of Quints on DVD. Type B will feature 12 tracks + recording of a Fanclub-Limited Live show they did at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. Finally Type C will be a CD featureing 12 tracks+ bonus track Tao. Get the albums HERE

J-Rock Tuesdays: BABYMETAL World Tour

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Mar 032015


Cute girls and metal! Who doesn’t want that….well I kinda don’t, kinda just a weird combo. Not sure if those two things mix well, but I guess it mixes well enough for them to go on a WORLD TOUR, hitting my city, Chicago May 14th at House of Blues. thats pretty cool for people cause Anime central is going on that weekend, So for those of you who like Babymetal, why not go see them Thursday night of Acen! Makes for hell of a cool weekend. Babymetal will be hitting many countries starting with Mexico on the 5th of may, Check out their Schedule so far HERE.

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: Carpe Diem

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Mar 032015


Carpe Diem was formed back in 2011, and I have to say they are pretty awesome. They are not your typical J-Rock band that consists of chorus’s that sound the same and similar structures. Carpe Diem is not main stream sounding by any means. If anything I would say they are more indie, sometimes eerie with a touch of fun. Its hard to say what they are. Im not really the best at describing music, but Chro, the lead singer has a beautiful voice and their melodies are something to make you feel relaxed. Check out their song Watshi no Koe after the break. Its a really touching song. and gives you a good feel about the band. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: NEW Album from BugLug

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Dec 092014


BugLug has announced the release of their SECOND full album HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILL YOU. The album should be out April. Also announced was a special live show March 6th as well as a national tour to celebrate their 5th year anniversary. The tour will be titled HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILL YOU~STRAWBERRY 5HOUT CAKE~ , and start on April 12th in Tokyo.

<via Official Site>

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: MEJIBRAY

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Dec 092014


If you want fun, exciting, catchy, and hard J-Rock, You can’t go wrong with MEJIBRAY. Relatively new MEJIBRAY was formed in March 2011 by the vocalist, Tsuzuku.  The band currently has 3 Albums and all of them have something awesome to offer. Tsuzukus vocals are addictive, I just wanna keep listening to him sing and scream.  The music itself is pretty chaotic with A lot going on, but somehow through all that, they are able to create a distinct and very catchy sound.  I highly recommend this band, they definitely have something going and should be watched as they take the Visual kei scene by storm.  Check out the song after the break to hear why I like them so much! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs Sept 3-9 2014

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Sep 092014

So I decided to start adding the new PVs that come out! Check out all the new PVs after the break! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Album from MEJIBRAY

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Sep 092014


December 3rd, MEJIBRAY will release their 2nd studio album. Titled THE”420″THEATRICAL ROSESthe album will come in 2 editions. The limited edition will feature 15 tracks plus the PV for Echo on DVD! The regular edition will feature 17 tracks. In addition MEJIBRAY will havfe a one-man show titled THE THEATRICAL SHOW on December 22nd at Shibuya Public Hall.

<via Official Site >

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: Jinkaku Radio

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Sep 092014


This is one of my new Favorite bands to listen to. I recently discovered Jinkaku Radio, and oh boy am I happy I did. Jinkaku Radio are a self- Produced indie rock band. The band consists of 2 people. Yuuki on vocals, guitar, lyrics and composition, and Naoki on bass guitar, live backing vocals, production and arrangement. Their name translates to “Personality Radio”, The music Jinkaku radio produces is so good, Yuukis vocals are amazing and the melodies they create together are very catchy. They sort of remind me of a younger Radiohead, but Japanese and more melancholy pop rock esque(dont know if that makes any sense). but anyway check out their song Kuchinashi (くちなし)after the break. I guarantee you’ll love em. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: X Japan at Madison Square Garden!

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Sep 022014

X Japan

The great and mighty X Japan will be Performing at Madison Square Garden in New York on October 11th 2014. This will be the Second time ever a Japanese band has headlined their. The first being L’arc-en-ciel back in 2012. This is exciting news for people that wanna see the band back in action. Get your tickets HERE 

J-Rock Tuesdays: DIAURA Livestream Q&A Event

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Sep 022014


Xenon, a Fashion and music store Located in little Tokyo in California. Will be holding a Livestream Q&A session for Fans of the awesome visual kei band DIAURA. The event will be held from 8pm- 9:30pm on September 13th and will be FREE to the public! So if you are in the area go check it out. Its a rare occasion to be able to ask your favorite J-Rock band questions! especially for U.S fans. I really wish I was in Cali at this time cause I love DIAURA,  Yo-Ka has such a great voice.  Check out the Facebook Event Page  and Xenon’s Official Site for more info.