Aug 182015


Black Gene For The Next Scene was formed in 2011 by ex-Xodiack front man ICE. They currently have 2 full albums. Black Gene is really well rounded, they are considered Electronic Metal, but they are much more than that. ICE has that typical deep Visual Kei-esque voice that I love and there songs are very catchy. They try to mix a whole lot of sounds into their music which works for the most part but sometimes doesn’t. I wish they used less electronics and just stayed with the more traditional rock style. Overall Black Gene is awesome and I definitely will look forward to anything they put out. Check out the song after the break to get a feel of what they are about. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To- My Bacteria Heat Island

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Apr 282015


My Bacteria Heat Island is a fairly new band. Formed by former VO of Chemical Pictures, Tenten. MBHI has a an awesome sound, a heavier alternative rock sound. They have quickly become my go to band when I dont know what to listen to. All their songs are fun, unique and memorable. Tenten has a great voice and its great to see a band that is very visual in their style have music that goes against the grain of main stream sounding Visual Bands.  Check out the song below to see what I mean.

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Mini-Album from Tokami

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Apr 142015


Visual Kei band Tokami will be releasing a NEW Mini-Album this June 24th. PARADOX Will feature 7 brand new songs. fans can pick up a copy early during the band’s release party live at Ikebukuro Ruido K3 on May 11th. The mini-album will be limited to 1000 copies and have an 8 page booklet. You can watch the PV Luminescence off the new album below.

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Album by ADAPTER。

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Apr 142015


Check out a preview of the new album by ADAPTER。-Kago/Naka/Nue. Go to the official site for more detail.

J-Rock Tuesdays: CELL’s First Digital Maxi Single

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Apr 142015


Visual Kei Band Cell, Will be releasing their long awaited Maxi single “for you…” Wordwide April 11th, Friday. “for you…” will be including three tracks of popular songs from the band in English, Previews for the tracks has been uploaded on their official “soundcloud” There is a Youtube Contest to have the chance to play a song on stage with Kon and Nao at the show going on till May 31st, 2015 12pm(pst). One lucky fan will be chosen to play a song on stage with Kon and Nao at their show held at AMPLYFI HOLLYWOOD in Los Angeles on July 5th Sunday Independence day weekend. For more info about the special event presented by fashion and music shop XENON at the official facebook event page and Nameless’s website Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: Dadaroma

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Apr 142015


New band with an awesome sound. Dadaroma is heavy but throws in a lot of variety in their songs. The vocalist Yoshiatsu has an awesome range and great voice. They have been around since 2014 and have one album called「dadaism♯1」, check out the song below after the break, I guarantee you will like it. reminds me a bit like 12012 and D.I.D Continue reading »

Mar 312015


To celebrate the release of their new album BLOODSUCKERS, VAMPS will be holding a contest on Instagram dubbed ” BLOODSUCKERS PHOTO CONTEST”. Show your VAMPS love, by submitting a photo themed around any song from BLOODSUCKERS. The winner will recieve an exclusive PC/Smart phone wallpaper. Check out the rules below. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Album From D’ERLANGER

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Mar 312015


APRIL 22nd, D’ERLANGER will release a their seventh album titled Spectacular Nite – Kuruosii Yorunitsuite. The album will be come out as two editions. The first, CD-only edition will feature 11 tracks plus the bonus track Candy In The Shape Of You -2015-. The second edition will be a Deluxe Editon, featuring 10 songs plus a DVD with live performance, and behind the scenes recordings. Also it will include the PV  LULLABY -2015-.

Mar 102015


May 13th post-hardcore band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas will release their new single Starburst. There will be two version, both containing the title track and also a track called Struggle to Survive. The normal edition will be CD only, while the premium will include a bonus DVD featuring footage from ,First One Man Show 2014. 

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J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To- Ling Tosite Sigure

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Mar 102015


You may notice the Lead singers voice from the Tokyo Ghoul opening “Unravel”. Ling Tosite Sigure is nothing but awesome sauce. The trio formed in 2002 and has been making crazy progressive indie rock since then. TK’s voice is very unique and mesmerizing. Sort of reminds me of Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups. Their music is a non-stop ride of awesome guitar rifts and fast high pitched vocals. Check out the song Monster off the album i’mperfect after a break. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Continue reading »