Listen To: DELUHI

 Posted by Paul on January 24, 2011 at 1:00 pm  1 Response »
Jan 242011

Hey everyone you should listen to DELUHI, Its really fast, Hard and Loud…..I know that how you guys like it -_^……anyway, they’ve been around since 2008 and have a 2 albums currently. For some reason (i’m not sure why) these guys remind me a little of Avenged Seven Fold, what do you think? look for a video after the jump. Continue reading »

Listen to: 12012

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Jan 172011

12012 is a pretty cool band for your earhole, They are quite similar to D’espairsRay, with their intensity, speed and even Miyawaki (the lead singer) sounds a lot like Hizumi of D’espairsRay. I’d say they are also kinda sound like Dir En Grey (don’t really care for them). 12012 has been around since 2003 and have produced 11 albums. they luckily (unlike alot of bands I like) are still together. sadly though they played their last american conert in novemeber of 2010…hopefully they will eventually return, cause im sure their show would be one to remember Continue reading »

Listen to: 176BIZ

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Jan 072011

Just Started Listening to these guys, they been around since 2006 and only have 2 albums but they got a good sound and are worth a listen. The lead singer Aota Yuu voice has a slight resemblance to that of Kirito from Pierrot. They, I would say are a combination of Alice Nine, with their arrangements and Merry with their Guitar. Overall They don’t have a super Unique sound but still a good one. Continue reading »

Paul Picks: Top 5 J-Rock Bands

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Jan 042011

Ok, Before people Start Arguing that I’m wrong, keep in mind that this is my top 5 J-Rock bands I really like at the moment. So this isn’t a superior list and it will change as I keep discovering new bands. Also I’m starting a “Paul Picks” segment, so I’m gonna give you my favs and tops of numerous things. First off being J-Rock Continue reading »