JRock Tuesdays: Dir En Grey in Europe

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Apr 122011

Looks like Europe will be getting Dir En Grey this summer. check out the tour dates at http://www.direngrey.co.jp/english/e-tour/ . You know i never really listened to much of Dir En Grey, I’m not to sure why, maybe cause they are super popular….but then thats just me being lame, Should I invest more time in them? let me know what you think.

Jrock Tusdays: Listen To- Abingdon Boys School

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Apr 122011

I cannot Recommend a band anymore then Abingdon Boys School….they have done so many opening and ending songs for tons of different anime like Darker Than Black, Soul Eater and D.Gray Man. They have a super cool sound and Takanori Nishikawa of T.M Revolution has some of the best vocals I have ever heard. These guys know how to compose a song that will make it to the charts. A much more mainstream type band, but really freaking good. Check out a song after the jump.

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Apr 052011

You know how all the pretty JRock memebers you see are guys and look really like girls….well those pretty faces your staring at in the header are actually girls 0_0. yup ExistTrace, the all female Visual Kei band and Berryz Koubou will be at Sakura-Con April 22-24th, yes I know Anime Boston is that same weekend and has 2 awesome bands as well, so it’ll be hard to decide who to see(sadly I wont see anyone ). But yeah, April is looking to have alot of Nice JRock shows lined up here in the US, for more detail on the bands and the con go to www.sakuracon.org

Jrock Tuesdays: STEREOPONY At Anime Boston

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Apr 052011

Not only does Anime Boston get Girugamesh but they also get STEREOPONY, so if your going to Anime Boston April 22-24th, your in for a musical treat with these two bands being there. Once again I’m sad that I won’t be able to Attend but hey you win some you lose some. for more information about the band and the con go to www.animeboston.com

JRock Tuesdays: Listen To- Lycaon

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Apr 052011

Wow, I actually just discovered this band yesterday. This band was formed in 2008 and have 2 full albums. Lycaon has a very heavy but melodic sound, similar to DELUHI. I really like this band I listened through 2 of their albums and was quite satisfied. They have a lot of energy and I love the vocals, somewhat similar to Pierrot. If you wanna get somthing to wake you up this morning give Lycaon a listen. Continue reading »

JRock Tuesdays: NightingeiL New Release

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Mar 292011

Looks Like NighteneiL is coming out with a new CD, no not a full album..sorry but according to JaME World they will be releasing a CD called Jihaku on April 22nd that will have 2 songs and be only available during sales at their live shows and online. The band will also be releasing a their First Live DVD, but they haven’t annoced when thats gonna be.

Mar 292011

Yup thats right, I know I’m a little late on this news but not to late for the people in the US, cause they wont be here till april. Looks like Anime Boston will be getting them as a Musical Guest( sad I wont see em), I’m Really Excited they are coming to the US, I discovered them last year and fell in love, I hope they come to chicago or better yet Anime Central. Here is the tour dates as of now from the official Girugamesh site, they will still be adding to it, and I will keep you guys up to date. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading »


Looks like Tekkoshocon, an anime con in Pittsburgh, PA March 31- april 3rd, Will Be getting a few Bands. 2 JRock Bands Lix, and RAMPANT and an aspiring J-Pop idol Reni Mimura. Little late news coming but glad to know there are more and more Bands coming out to cons. We in the US need that JRock Love. So if you are attending Tekkoshocon this weekend let us know what you thought of the shows. Would’ve loved to be there. check out more info on the bands at Tekkoshocon

JRock Tuesdays: Listen to- EMMURÉE

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Mar 292011

Im Starting a new segment called JRock Tuesdays, so every tuesday now I will be bringing you Jrock news, tour dates, upcoming bands and just General JRock awesomeness. Anyway we will Start Off with a “Listen To” post. Now if your a big fan Of Deadman( which I am) you will really appreciate Emmuree. Much like Deadman their music is very dark and melodramatic, with very sad vocals and eerie sounds. Emmuree consists of Sou on vocals, Haruka on Guitar( whose lipstick actually looks like Mako’s from Deadman), Tomo on Bass and YUKI on drums, the Band started in 2000 and is still active today. They are considered Gothic Rock  and currently have 4 albums and a good deal of singles. I really enjoy this band, I actually discovered them when I was searching for bands similar to Deadman (since they broke up). But they are not just similar…they also have a sound of their own so check em out and tell me what you think. Continue reading »

Listen to: 8otto

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Mar 042011

8otto (pronounced otto…as in auto) has funk, has soul, and has a kick ass front man with a fro.Masaki Maenosono does vocals and is the drummer….this is the first time i’ve ever heard of the lead singer also being the drummer. I’ve known about them for a while now and thought I should share there greatness to the world. I’d say they are an indie band ( don’t jizz you pants hipsters), with a really funk type of sound. lot of hi-tap drumming and  soul moving bass this is a just overall feel good band. Continue reading »