WTF Japan: A Steve Jobs Manga

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Mar 282013


Ever wanted to see Steve Jobs, late co-founder of Apple, in a manga? Probably not. the thought probably never even crossed your mind, or anyone’s mind…well I guess someone had to think it was a good idea because it exists! Is he a ninja? Does he have special powers? NO! He is Steve Jobs, so from what I can tell he is cast as a poorly understood, bad boy genius. So it seems to be a drama type manga with thinking. Sounds exciting right? NO. The first volume of Steve Jobs can be found in the issue of Kiss this month and more issues are expected. Check out a page from the manga after the break.

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Con Report: International Comic-Con San Diego!

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Aug 102011

With Wizard World coming up this weekend in Chicago and due to my own procrastination, I am finally posting my Comic-Con report with many pictures goodness!! Check it out after the break!!

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Manga Preview: Bakuman

 Posted by Paul on January 3, 2011 at 1:21 pm  2 Responses »
Jan 032011

I just discovered this new gem recently, written by Tsugumi Ohba and Art by Takeshi Obata. You might know these two from the slightly popular manga Death Note!!! well the two have teamed up once again to bring us something that is much different from their last series. the only thing that Bakuman has in common with Death Note is both main Characters use a paper and pen, but instead of killing people with it, he is Creating a Manga!! Continue reading »