Kuronuma Sawako is a girl that stands out in her class…but not in a normal good kind of way.  With her long jet black hair and creepy looking smiles, all her classmates think she is scary. They believe in the rumors about her being able to see ghost which is really not true. She is just a normal girl but with out friends because no one seems to really want to talk to her. When they do they don’t even look her in the eye because they heard that if you have eye contact with Sawako something bad will happen to them.

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Jan 032011

Tramps Like Us , the origanl name being Kimi wa Petto, is a female manga by Yayoi Ogawa. The story is about a 27 years old woman named Sumire, who ends up finding a 20 year old man (who seems more like a young boy) in a cardboard box on the side of a building. She ends up taking him home, cleaning him up, wrapping up his wounds, and letting him spend the night with her. Turns out, the young man reminds her of her dog , Momo, from when she was little, because they both have moppy hair. So, Sumire lets the young man live with her, but only on one condition, he has to promise to be her pet, and let her call him Momo. Continue reading »