Cosplay Profile: Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

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Nov 092014


Cosplayer: Kuri Cortez

Anime: Guilty Crown
Character: Inori Yuzuriha
Music: Krone, Guilty Crown OST composed by Hiroyuki Sawano

Filmed & Edited by Paul Khailo


JoygazmTV: Cosplay Profile: Nui Harime (Kill La Kill)

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Nov 082014


Cosplayer: Emily (Yoko) Shafer…
Anime: Kill La Kill
Character: Nui Harime
Music: Nui Harime Theme (Kill La Kill OST)
Filmed & Edited by Paul Khailo


JoygazmTV: Youmacon 2014 Music Video

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Nov 072014


Check out all the fun that was Youmacon 2014! be sure to go next year! It was a Blast!!

JoygazmTV: Ramencon 2014 MUSIC VIDEO!

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Sep 232014

WE were at Ramencon last weekend,Check out how fun it was in the Music Video below!

Aug 212014


So you have never been to an Anime convention. Well here our my tips to get you threw your first one without dieing

FULL Scale Mami’s Musket from Madoka Magica

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Jul 272013

MOVIC is offering a 1/1 scale replica of Mami’s musket from Madoka Magica! This is an ideal prop to have for all you Mami cosplayers out there. The musket measures at 45in long and is made out of ABS Plastic. MOVIC is now taking pre-orders for the rifle, priced at $148 and will ship this December!

Cosplay: Official Touhou Eyeglasses

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Jan 032013

Hey hey guys. Kuri here again. Anyone a fan of Touhou? Well, they came out with official glasses for Reimu and Marisa! Want one? Please read ahead.

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Anime Life: A Real Maid Cafe!?

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Dec 222012

Hey hey, Kuri here once again. I found this article and I had to share it with you guys. Has anyone wanted to be in a Maid Cafe? Or how maid cafes are run, in Japan? Well, I found a maid cafe that is actually like the ones from Japan! Want to explore with me?

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Con Report: Youmacon 2012

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Nov 162012

Hotel: 5/5 stars

Held in downtown Detroit at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center this hotel, and the adjacent Courtyard Marriott where the Joygazm staff stayed, had just about EVERYTHING you could want. Bonus points: our hotel was connected to the Renaissance Center by tubes!! Just outside the lobby of the Courtyard was an extremely convenient convenience store, walking between the Courtyard and Renaissance Center were other various shops including the famous Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut chain (which I am bummed I missed out on my chance to try it) as well as a CVS pharmacy. Continue reading »

Oct 302012

Life got you stressed? Hurricane Sandy got you distraught? Don’t worry, calm down. I have two things to say to you:




But seriously though, hit the jump for an awesome video of Lena Leclaire as Princess Zelda playing a wonderful medley of songs from the series on her ocarina.

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