Feb 292016


Viz Media has just announced The launch of Inio Asano’s Manga series Goodnight PunPun. Inio Asano created SOLANIN And WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD, I’ve read SOLANIN years ago and it really touched my heart. Such a great real emotional and powerful story. I’m excted to read this new manga! Check out more info in the press release below. Continue reading »

Feb 182016


SHURIKEN AND PLEATS depicts the story of a schoolgirl who’s also a ninja in modern-day Japan and is the latest title from Hino, who created the pivotal shojo series, VAMPIRE KNIGHT. Check out the press release below for details. Continue reading »

Otaku Tonight Today! Comics VS Manga!

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Jul 092015


NEW FREE Manga magazine reader from Amazon Japan!

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Jan 072015


Amazon Japan Has just launched a Free Manga Magazine Reader! Dubbed Kindle Muryō Manga Zasshi (Kindle Free Manga Magazine) people will be able to read free Manga magazines not only on their kindle but also on their smartphones, tablets and computers! The initial lineup consists of the first digital edition of Shueisha‘s Grand Jump magazine, as well as Futabasha‘s Manga Action, Leed’s Comic Ran Twins,Ichijinsha‘s Monthly Comic Zero-Sum, DeNA’s Manga Boxservice, and Square Enix‘s Hobo Gekkan Otameshi Gangan.    

Kodansha Annouced that it plans to publish all its Manga magazines digitally the same day that the print of the magazine ships. Digital is becoming way more common now, but I hope that doesnt mean they will eventually stop printing.

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WTF Japan: A Steve Jobs Manga

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Mar 282013


Ever wanted to see Steve Jobs, late co-founder of Apple, in a manga? Probably not. the thought probably never even crossed your mind, or anyone’s mind…well I guess someone had to think it was a good idea because it exists! Is he a ninja? Does he have special powers? NO! He is Steve Jobs, so from what I can tell he is cast as a poorly understood, bad boy genius. So it seems to be a drama type manga with thinking. Sounds exciting right? NO. The first volume of Steve Jobs can be found in the issue of Kiss this month and more issues are expected. Check out a page from the manga after the break.

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My Little Pony has a Manga in works?

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Mar 272013


Shogakugan’s children’s magazine “pucchigumi” will be running a Manga of MLP according to a flyer passed out at Tokyo International Anime Fair. In addition to that the Japanese dub of MLP, My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahō~ will premiere in Japan this coming Tuesday. Now MLP fans will have more reason to cosplay their favorite MLP characters at anime conventions. Now we just have to wait for Homestuck to get popular in Japan =___=.

Mar 072013

Hiroaki Samura has a NEW manga coming! Manga Erotics F magazine has announced the new manga, tentatively titled Tatazumeru Snegurochka (The Loitering Snow Maiden) will debut in the magazines next issue, coming out May 8th. The Loitering Snow Maiden takes place in Russia in 1920 and follows a woman named Bielka and her attendant named Shishenok, neither of whom can trust anyone else.

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Vocaloid turns into a manga magazine??

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Mar 052013

Hey hey fellow Otakus! I’m terribly sorry for the lack of posting! I’ve been sick for a long time and been trying to recover, but I’m well enough to start again. Anyway, I found this article and thought it was interesting  Is Vocaloid maybe starting to become a series? This will be interesting to go about.

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Anime News: Gurren Lagann Manga ENDS??

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Jan 032013

Hey hey, Kuri here. Just found out some interesting news! Mer, you might not like it. Gurren Lagann is finally ending! D: Wanna know why? Please read more!

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Visual Novels: Insider of Corpse Party !

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Dec 302012

Hey hey guys~ Kuri here again. I’m a huge fan of visual novels and otome games, so I thought I can show you one of my favorites! Does anyone like blood and gore? Then this is for you! Corpse Party!

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