Feb 162016

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Brand: Sega
Series: Rebuild Of Evangelion
Character: Asuka

Nov 172014


Nov 122014


Super Sonico Change of Clothes Time Unboxing+Close Up

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Nov 112014




Check out our NEW segment that features a closer look on different PVC Anime Figure. The figure featured below is the Extra Figure Fruits Punch REI AYANAMI from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Its a really cute Figure that just makes you go awe. There is a Asuka that also comes in this style, which I have yet to get. Rei has a lemon half for an umbrella, and the cutest raincoat I have ever seen, I’d love to se some cosplay of this figure .

Model Report: Diabolus Inclinatus (~slightly NSFW~)

 Posted by Jaydee on November 26, 2011 at 9:50 pm  No Responses »
Nov 262011

Just this November a new purple version of the PVC statuette released by Embrace Japan arrived to the public. A super gorgeous sculpt by Hokusoh, behold the devilishly gorgeous Diabolus Inclinatus! This picture as seen (and reviewed in-depth) here is from the original version released last year in December. Hit the jump to see the new version.

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Model Showcase: Rei Fruits Punch

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May 282011

So this is gonna be a start of a new segment where we will be showcasing resin,figma,vinyl figures and models. Now this one I bought at ACen 2011, for $25. Its a Figure of Rei from Evangelion. on the box its titled as “Neon Genesis Evangelion, Extra Figure Fruits Punch, feat.okama” This figure is super cute and has rei wearing a tiny bathing suit, with a see through raincoat. Shes also holding half a lemon as an umbrella. The figure is really nicely made, I love the design and the pastel color scheme. there is a matching auska that goes with her (which i hope to get soon). I’m really glad to have this be my first figure. is it kinda pervy….yes……otaku….yes……but hey you gotta just be who you are. drop a comment and let us know what you think of this figure, pictures after the jump.

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