New Danbo Collaboration with Japan Post Yu-pack

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Jul 122014


So Yatsuba&!’s awesome carboard robo is again getting a new variation, in the past we have seen Danbo made from Calbee boxes, Pepsi boxes, Amazon boxes and more! This time it is  with Japan Post’s domestic mail service Yu-Pack, This cute little guy will be available online from the  Japan Post online store on July 18th, and will sell for 1600 Yen ($15.79). Check out what the little robot looks like after the break! Continue reading »

Disney Voltron Type Robot?

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Oct 232012


Bandai has created a monster! Tamashii Nations, one of Bandai’s high-end brand has decided to make 6 robo disney characters, and when you have all 6 you can combine them to make a Mega Mecha that stands 22cm tall.They plan to unveil the toy at Tamashii Nations 2012 event held October 26-28th. This monstrosity will be sold for about $168.00, check out pictures after the jump.  Continue reading »

New On Store: Durarara!! Blue Ray Lunch Box

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Sep 162012

Hey hey guys Kuri here with a segment where I talk about the new things posted on markets! Anyone like the anime Durarara!!~ It is one of my favorites, and they came out with the compelte blue ray collection. But get this, ITS IN A LUNCHBOX

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New Blade of the Immortal Figure

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Jul 292012

Fans of Blade of The Immortal will be happy to hear that Medicom Toy will begin selling 30cm tall(about 1 foot) figure of Manji starting today! there will be only 800 figures available, 100 of which are being sold today at Wonder festival. The remaining 700 will be available online HERE Check out the pictures of the figure after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 292011

On Monday Bandai began accepting pre-orders for an exclusive 1/144th scale Oars figure as a part of their upcoming “World Scale One Piece” line of collectible figure sets. Gekko Moriah’s giant zombie warrior Oars comes in at a staggering 30 centimeters, or just about a 12 inches, which is saying something for the big guy… And big is an understatement.

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Model Report: Diabolus Inclinatus (~slightly NSFW~)

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Nov 262011

Just this November a new purple version of the PVC statuette released by Embrace Japan arrived to the public. A super gorgeous sculpt by Hokusoh, behold the devilishly gorgeous Diabolus Inclinatus! This picture as seen (and reviewed in-depth) here is from the original version released last year in December. Hit the jump to see the new version.

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Model Showcase: Rei Fruits Punch

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May 282011

So this is gonna be a start of a new segment where we will be showcasing resin,figma,vinyl figures and models. Now this one I bought at ACen 2011, for $25. Its a Figure of Rei from Evangelion. on the box its titled as “Neon Genesis Evangelion, Extra Figure Fruits Punch, feat.okama” This figure is super cute and has rei wearing a tiny bathing suit, with a see through raincoat. Shes also holding half a lemon as an umbrella. The figure is really nicely made, I love the design and the pastel color scheme. there is a matching auska that goes with her (which i hope to get soon). I’m really glad to have this be my first figure. is it kinda pervy….yes……otaku….yes……but hey you gotta just be who you are. drop a comment and let us know what you think of this figure, pictures after the jump.

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Paper Tiger? No, Paper Robots.

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Jan 022011

Cannon Bull, the lazy war machine.

Over the course of December I came into contact with these little guys in my many travels. My fiance bought me one when we were visiting a boutique out on a trip, and then I ended up getting one from her sister in law who lives in Oregon for christmas two weeks later!

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