Otaku Tonight Today! Comics VS Manga!

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Jul 092015


Otaku Tonight Today! ep2 Dragonball Super!

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Jul 022015


Aug 212014


So you have never been to an Anime convention. Well here our my tips to get you threw your first one without dieing

Bleach Anime Ending!

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Feb 232012

Well we knew it would happen eventually, the long running anime Bleach is finally coming to an end, the Final episode will be airing on March 27th according to a recent television program listing in Japan. Whether or not the manga will still keep going is still not known. Bleach was one of those series you could see going on forever, but Im really happy its ending, this way I can actually catch up and watch the whole thing. Long running anime is great but there is a point where it just keeps going way to long, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are ones that reached that point. Now that bleach is ending we can only hope that the others will follow soon to make way for new anime.

Anime Girl of the Week: Hatsune Miku

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Sep 092011

Seems like a lot of new segments are getting started, this time every week will showcase a anime girl and why she is so awesome. To start the first weeks anime girl is the lovely Hatsune Miku, For those who don’t know who she is, Miku is a Vocaloid , she is a cute digital pop star, Now endorsed by Toyota she is trying to gain more popularity in the states.  Continue reading »

Durarara!! VS BACCANO! intro

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Jun 062011

So Recently I watched the first episode of Durarara!!(first impression coming soon). The show is really cool and has alot of great characters, there was one thing that I couldn’t help but notice when I watched the show, that was the intro. It seemed way to familiar…then I remembered that I saw this somewhere else. BACCANO! has like the same type of intro! well then I did a little more research and yup Baccano and Durarara were both light novels written by Ryohgo Narita. So anyway check out the similarities at the end of the break

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First Post! – Cosplay

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Dec 222010

Hello all to my first post! I know you’ll enjoy these as the days go by!

First topic of discussion!    …………     ACEN!!!!   Who’s ready?!?!

As we all know cosplaying is an important part of the ACen and con world as we know it. Where would the world be without our Hinata’s, Ichigo’s and Halo’s! (from Spice And Wolf, not the game.) <– Cause it’s all about the wolfgirls/catgirls/foxgirls/ and even doggirls! =^.^=

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