Cool Japan: Hologram Assistant

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Jan 182016

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Gatebox, is a new hologram assistant in the works by vinclu Inc, In the concept video below you can see Azuma Hikari(the hologram character) interacting with a young man. She will greet you and say goodbye as well as serve as a voice activated control for your TV and other home tech. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while and really hope it comes out. I’m sure all of you would love waking up to a cute anime girls voice. Its not for sale yet but apparently will be up for pre-orders with crowdfunding later this year. Check out their site HERE for more info.

WTF Japan: Exercising Robot

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Sep 192012

So yeah, This robot likes to do pushups, and it does pushups really well. Watch the whole video at the bottom to see some WTF.

Robot Always Wins In Rock,Paper, Scissors

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Aug 302012

So you think your good at Rock, Paper, Scissors? Or Janken as the Japanese call it. Well think again, this Janken Robot has a winning streak of 100%. There is camera’s that sense your move and the robot make the move against that. It senses what you’re gonna throw so fast that you can never beat it.

Jun 112012

In the video below Koichi Takahashi of Keio University’s Graduate School of Science and Technology shows us this really cool avatar system that is used to track a persons movements and facial expressions. It is really cool to see that we might be able to control Miku and other favorite characters in such an in depth way. Check out the video of the system after the break. Continue reading »

Evangelion Smart Phone!

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May 172012

Did you ever wanna feel like you were part of the research teamn at NERV? Well now you can with NTT Docomo’s docomo NEXT series SH-06D NERV phone! The first official Evangelion smart phone! Pre-orders for the phone start on June 16 and the phone will be available later that month. Check out the video preview of this awesome piece of equipment below from The Verge!

WTF Japan: Huggable pillow phone

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May 102012

It’s that time again! Time for another weird thing from Japan. This time its a new cell phone. At least I think it is….. seems like only a matter of time before this becomes twisted into a device for those adult phone chat lines. CREEPY!! But this is already creepy and if you google the Hugvie, someone has already made a version that looks MORE human like. Wow! Has social media taken us so far we forgot that we can actually interact, have conversations with, and even touch another person face to face o_o That’s why I like cons, its a big social event in person!! That and the cosplays!! Check out the video after the break.

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JoygazmTV: PSVita Hands On!

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Jan 202012

We recently went to a PSVita event in chicago, where we were able to get a hands on look at what the PSVita is all about.

WTF Japan: FaceBank

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Nov 032011

Did you ever want to have a robot face eat your change? no!!!!! well to bad, there is a robot face that will do just that, I present FaceBank.

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Kabuki Dancing Robot

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Aug 282011

When it comes to Robotics Japan is the leader. always developing ways to make robots more life like and act as humans. Kabuki is a tradition Japanese dance drama, somewhat like an interpretive dance. The performer wears elaborate make up and outfit, and moves in a slow and very bizarre way. It seems soon japan will have robots doing everything including Kabuki.

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Japanese Robot with a gag reflex

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Jul 022011

No thats not a pic of the robot in the banner. But yes Japanese scientist have developed a robot called Showa Hanako, this robot has a gag reflex…….no dirty thoughts you dirty people. This robot is for practice on in the dental field. yes yes a dental training robot. These Japanese people are very clever, check out the video after the break to get creeped out and even intrigued, or aroused…but we prefer creeped out. Continue reading »