FULL Scale Mami’s Musket from Madoka Magica

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Jul 272013

MOVIC is offering a 1/1 scale replica of Mami’s musket from Madoka Magica! This is an ideal prop to have for all you Mami cosplayers out there. The musket measures at 45in long and is made out of ABS Plastic. MOVIC is now taking pre-orders for the rifle, priced at $148 and will ship this December!

Cosplay Corner: 10 DIY supply sites

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Apr 252012

In honor of ACen this weekend and all the Cosplays we are excited to see, here is a list of sites to get a variety of materials. This is a list that I wish I had when I got started making Cosplays. The list may not cover everything that you would need, but it may hit some of those harder more common materials that you will need. A MUST if you like going ALL OUT when you make your cosplays and perfection is the only thing acceptable. I must say molding out parts rather than carving out parts of foam or plastics is much easier, especially if you have to make more then one of the same part. I could see the most use for Smooth-on and SparkFun. I wouldn’t have much use for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds but then again this list wasn’t created JUST for Cosplayers.

Check out the Wired article with links to the sites.


Prop Tutorial: Sheath and Sword

 Posted by Sirin on October 10, 2011 at 7:55 pm  4 Responses »
Oct 102011

Lots of cosplays involve swords.  But what about sheaths? With this tutorial you learn to do both! Here is Knives with another tutorial this week on how to make a sheath and a sword!

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Prop Tutorial: Creepy Book

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Sep 242011

This weeks tutorial is heading your way!  So lets get ready to make a Creepy Prop Book with Knives!

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Prop Tutorial: Batty Hammer

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Sep 122011

Another week, another prop tutorial! Knives shares with us how to make the Batty Hammer! Follow Knives in this 8 video tutorial on how to make this batty hammer!  Knives will share his tips and tricks on painting, adding depth, prop construction, and even some physics! Have fun cosplayers! And happy prop building! Continue reading »

Necomimi : Electronic Cat Ears

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Aug 252011

OMG Japan why have you created such a wonderful thing. Neurowear has developed cat ears that respond by your brain activity. we are now this much closer to getting real Catgirls. Check out the video for more details, Don’t get to excited boys. also more videos of the cat ears being used on the official site

Embedly Powered

Prop Tutorial: Chibi Mecha Wings

 Posted by Sirin on August 22, 2011 at 10:02 pm  1 Response »
Aug 222011

A tutorial posted by Millions Knives on his Youtube channel Final Cosplay Corps features a tutorial on how you can make Chibi Mecha Wings!

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Prop Tutorial: Dante’s Sword

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Aug 122011

Looking for help to create a cosplay sword, or to be more specific, Dante from Devil May Cry’s sword?  Look no further as Millions Knives has created a youtube channel dedicated to posting cosplay tutorials for a variety of props including Dante’s Sword! Through out the week I’ll be posting completed tutorials from Knives cosplay channel Final Cosplay Corps.

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Joygazm Tutorials: Making Neku’s Headphones

 Posted by Paul on March 30, 2011 at 1:52 pm  6 Responses »
Mar 302011
neku (1)

So you wanna be Neku from “The World Ends With You” and you need those sweet headphones…well I will show you how to make em for Under $5 dollars…yeah its tat cheap and that easy. Welcome to Paul’s first Prop making tutorial^_^, I’ve been making props for my cosplays and friend’s cosplays since 2008, so yes I’m still relatively new to it, But I have a passion for it and I think I’m pretty damn good (arrogant 0_0). I never thought about making props it was just kinda forced upon me when me and my ex-girlfriend decided to cosplay Sakura-kun and Dokuro-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro Chan. Dokuro has a big ass spiked club that I had to make, because its important to have if your cosplaying the character, people know who it is just by the club. I can’t stress enough how important props are to make your character not only stick out, but also complete the costume. Imagine a Cloud without his sword or in this instance a Neku without his Headphones. Continue reading »

Making a Staff

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Feb 202011

Here is a tutorial to help anyone looking to make BT’s staff!

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