AKB48 Meets Super Smash Bros

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Sep 082014

AKB48 Wallpaper HD 3

Check out this trailer for Super Smash Bros on the 3DS featuring AKB48 girls in battle.

Games: Captain Earth on PSP VITA

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Sep 082014


Hi hi! Kuri here! Finally getting back to writing more of these things! Well you guys know me, I’m a big gamer, and bigger on visual novels and otome games, so I have news for you! Captain Earth will be on PSP VITA as of February 2015!

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Sep 032014


The team behind Tekken has developed a dating sim-like demo with a cute school girl for Sony’s virtual reality headset dubbed Project Morpheus. The demo, Summer Lesson takes place in a school girls room, and of course feature a cute and shy school girl for your viewing pleasure. The demo is suppose to make you feel like she is actually by your side as she helps you with some school work. It appears that She will react to things you do and ask you questions where you can answer by nodding yes or no. If I had this I probably wouldn’t leave my house, because of course whats better than a digital girlfriend?(…duh a real one). I can see a lot of pervy things developed once the general public gets a hold of the headset. But until then, I guess we will have to just go on with our boring NOT SO virtual reality-esque life. Check out the video below a bit of the demo!

May 092013


Have you always wanted to get those sexy nails, but wanted to use the face of your favorite Tales Of Series character to do so? Well now you can with “Nails Of” a nail file collection inspired by the Tales Of RPG series. Online Retailer BrainPolice has began taking pre-orders for these cool nail files. The 12 file collection features characters through out the different games, including Tales of Vesperia’sYuri and Flynn, Tales of Graces’ Asbel and Richard, Tales of Xillia’s Jude, Alvin, and Gaius, and Tales of Xillia 2′s Jude, Alvin, Gaius, Ludger, and Julius. The files are avaible for about $16 through May 26th and will ship out in June! Check out the nail files after the break! Continue reading »

A new pokemon that is related to Mewtwo?

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May 022013


Remember when the origional Pokemon games came out. Mewtwo was the last legendary to catch and most of you saved your one Master Ball just for that battle. Even the first Pokemon movie featured this Pokemon and his backstory and relation to Mew. It made this Pokemon special, it had a story of misunderstanding and hardship. We got to love and aww at this Pokemon. Little has been heard since the first Generation of Pokemon about Mewtwo. Most of the other 151 have gotten some eveloutions or preeveloutions. Now the first of the origional Legindarys gets a facelift. Is this an eveloution or just a new form? We will just have to wait and see in the new Pokemon movie. This guy will also be in the new games so it will be interesting to see how the transformation is invoked, item? eveloution? or battle only transform?  Check out some videos below from Nintendo.

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New Zelda for Wii U in Development

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Jan 232013

Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda has just announced that a new Zelda game is in development now for the Wii U. Saying it will be a while in development, they are also releasing a HD version of Wind Waker for the Wii U in the mean time. So you might have to wait a while for a new Zelda, but at least you can play Wind Waker again soon. Check out the video announcement below.


Playstation 3 in 3 New Colors

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Jan 212013

Sony has just revealed 3 new colors for their super slim PS3, red, white and blue , the colors of freedom! Go MERICA!!!! North America will get a White 500gb console for $299 on January 27th. The package includes a game bundle of 12 games! Now thats a good deal, check out the video and pics after the break! Continue reading »

Cosplay: Official Touhou Eyeglasses

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Jan 032013

Hey hey guys. Kuri here again. Anyone a fan of Touhou? Well, they came out with official glasses for Reimu and Marisa! Want one? Please read ahead.

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Visual Novels: Insider of Corpse Party !

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Dec 302012

Hey hey guys~ Kuri here again. I’m a huge fan of visual novels and otome games, so I thought I can show you one of my favorites! Does anyone like blood and gore? Then this is for you! Corpse Party!

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Nov 212012

Hey hey, Kuri here! Who else is a fan of Ranka Lee and or Sheryl Nome? What about the originals from Macross 7? I looove the Macross series and when I heard about this, I wanted everyone to experience it! Please keep reading for more information!

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