Feb 072016


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Sega just added a promotional video for their new Project Diva game “Hatsune Miku Project Diva X”.  One of the new features is “Live Quest Mode.” This is where players can do both Area Quests and Event Quests! In even quest players can do “Special Lives” concerts where they choose 3 songs for a live and can pick the characters which will appear in the live show. The characters appearance will be customizable, Each appearance will attune them to one of 5 elements(neutral, cute, cool, beauty, and chaos), and skills. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the new game. The game comes out on PlayStation Vita on March 24 and on PlayStation 4 next fall.

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New Kamen Rider Game Has So Many Riders

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Feb 062016

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The New Kamen Rider game, Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis will be celebrating The franchises 45th anniversary, and will have lots of Kamen Rider characters who starred in various Kamen Rider TV series. Bandai Namco Entertainment has started streaming A new promotional video you can watch below. The game will be available February 25th on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. PS3 & PS4 will run 7,200 yen (about US$60) and Vita will be 6,100 yen (US$51), There will also be a limited edition version (Memorial TV Sound Edition)for PS4 and PS3 retails for 10,200 yen (US$86). The game looks super fun, I just hope it makes it to the states.

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Watch: Cool Pokemon 20th anniversary Commercial

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Jan 252016

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Pokemon will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and with that they will be airing this commercial during the super bowl February 7, Check it out below, its pretty neat.

Neptunia VII-Engraved PS4 Consoles!

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Mar 012015


Ever want a cute girl on your ps4? Well now you can,! Sony is offering Neptunia VII engraved ps4 consoles. These limited edition hard drive covers come in three character types (Next Purple, Noire, Shugo Megami) and in two different colors (Jet Black, Glacier White) with silver etching. The will Retail at 41,980 Yen thats about $351 US. Shipping will start April 23rd. Check out Pics after the jump Continue reading »

Sep 032014


The team behind Tekken has developed a dating sim-like demo with a cute school girl for Sony’s virtual reality headset dubbed Project Morpheus. The demo, Summer Lesson takes place in a school girls room, and of course feature a cute and shy school girl for your viewing pleasure. The demo is suppose to make you feel like she is actually by your side as she helps you with some school work. It appears that She will react to things you do and ask you questions where you can answer by nodding yes or no. If I had this I probably wouldn’t leave my house, because of course whats better than a digital girlfriend?(…duh a real one). I can see a lot of pervy things developed once the general public gets a hold of the headset. But until then, I guess we will have to just go on with our boring NOT SO virtual reality-esque life. Check out the video below a bit of the demo!

Commercial Break: Yakuza 1 & 2 for Wii U

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Feb 122014


Time for a commercial break! Are you tired of you’re daughter always trying to watch anime while you play games, and you’re wife never staying out long enough so you can make lustful eyes at a video game character. Well then you should get a Wii U where those problems can be solved.

Commercial Break: Kirby and The Amazing Mirror

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Dec 122013


Time for a commercial break! Do you like kirby but think being pink is pretty gay? well no worries now kirby comes in a bunch of colors in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror for the Gameboy Advanced. watch him jump, watch him suck, watch him float. watch kirby do what kirby does best, but not in that gay pink color!


May 092013


Have you always wanted to get those sexy nails, but wanted to use the face of your favorite Tales Of Series character to do so? Well now you can with “Nails Of” a nail file collection inspired by the Tales Of RPG series. Online Retailer BrainPolice has began taking pre-orders for these cool nail files. The 12 file collection features characters through out the different games, including Tales of Vesperia’sYuri and Flynn, Tales of Graces’ Asbel and Richard, Tales of Xillia’s Jude, Alvin, and Gaius, and Tales of Xillia 2’s Jude, Alvin, Gaius, Ludger, and Julius. The files are avaible for about $16 through May 26th and will ship out in June! Check out the nail files after the break! Continue reading »

WTF Japan: Super Table-Flip game

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Apr 042013


Ever been so angry you wanted to flip a table? but not angry enough to make the actual mess… Japan has a solution for you. SUPER TABLE-FLIP!! How might you ask can you make a whole game out of table flipping, simple draw out the time before flipping the table like hell then show a hundered different images and replays after it was flipped, including a matrix type spin shot of the table being flipped. Check out the videos after the break of this awesome new game that will be all the rage! (<- get it? see what I did there!!)

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Dragon Ball Z: Tap Battle

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Mar 222013

dbz-touchTo go along with the new DBZ movie news I thought Id let you know of a cool new mobile game out by Namco Bandai Entertainment. Its called Dragon Ball Tap Battle and lets you battle friends via Bluetooth. The game looks really cool, and like most other mobile games, its a whole bunch of tapping wildly on your screen. The game will be available “soon” and it will cost ¥350. It will be released for Android, and iPhone. Only one down side…..its only scheduled to be released in Japan. Sorry guys, I hate to disappoint  I really want to see this game get released State-side and think it would make a lot of money with all of us Otakus out there. What do you think? See some more pictures and a link to the official site after the break.

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