New Otaku Cafe! GIRLS ONLY

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Jan 042016


don’t you dare try to enter this otaku cafe with your dirty neck beards or greasy faces, this cafe is Nerdy girls only! No men or normal people allowed. The Ataraxia Cafe opened last month in Osaka’s Nipponbashi district (The Akihabara of Kansai), and only serves female otakus! Finally a safe haven for girls to get away from all those male creeps and be with female creeps instead. Continue reading »


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Sep 082014


It been about a year since Season 2 ended, Now we are ready to get back at it this coming thursday!

Osaka gets FREE Wifi!

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Jan 292014


When we went to Japan, having internet was very important. We used it to get around, find train times, locations, and translation help. Luckily we had rented a portable Wifi device(which I recommend you doing if you go to Japan), But for those times where you dont have it on you its nice to know there are more and more Free Wifi spots in Japan. Osaka now has 2 new free Wifi connections. one “Osaka Free Wi-fi” and two” Osaka Free Wi-fi Lite”. Clock HERE to get more info if you plan on traveling to Osaka, their mascot Osaka Bob will help you.


Doesn’t that sound like all the Japanese monster movies you have seen, or the most famous giant monster, Godzilla? This is actually an American movie. I know what your thinking, Godzilla was done by America before and brought great shame to the Godzilla franchise, not to mention the pain inflicted on anyone who spent money to see it. This one is a bit different, the monsters look great and the robots are ok, but it is also directed by Guillermo del Toro. He drew inspiration from a painting called The Colossus. The monsters are known as Kaiju and rise out of the Ocean, sound familiar? The imagery for this movie looks amazing. I just hope the plot holds up to the brilliant look of the visuals. Check out the Trailer below and hopefully on July 12th, America will have its first successful and popular Giant Robot fighting Monsters movie that Japan perfected so many years ago.

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Jan 022013

Hey guys, Kuri here. And what?? Another marriage along the world of voice actors. Geez! They need love too. haha. Anyway, its the voice actors Kouichi Yamadera and Rie Tanaka. But guess what else? They broke the record for Japan 2012 tweets on twitter!

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News: Hatsune Miku’s ‘Snow’ design confirmed!

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Dec 252012

Hey hey guys, Kuri here! Miku always has a different outfit/look for every winter, and they finally picked one for her 2013 look. I’m not liking it too much, but let me know what you think?

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Anime Life: A Real Maid Cafe!?

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Dec 222012

Hey hey, Kuri here once again. I found this article and I had to share it with you guys. Has anyone wanted to be in a Maid Cafe? Or how maid cafes are run, in Japan? Well, I found a maid cafe that is actually like the ones from Japan! Want to explore with me?

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News: M.O.V.E. Is Breaking up!?

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Dec 072012

Hey guys, Kuri here! I just had to write about this, since I’ve seen them in concert at a few cons. I can’t believe it, but its true, M.O.V.E. is breaking up! D:

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Momo Hinamori from Bleach is getting married?!

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Nov 142012


Hey hey guys~ Kuri here. I found out great news. Not a lot of people know this voice actress, but this is great news in life! Check it out~!

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Nov 142012

Hey hey guys! Remember how I talked about the Madoka Magica movies? Well, they decided to add more places to view it! Please continue reading for times and location!

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