Want a real life Mecha? Now for kids!!!

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May 092013

mech-suit-660x422Ever wanted a real life mecha suit? Ever wanted one for your kid? Now you can have both, as long as money isn’t an issue. (And who has to worry about not having enough money for anything when your Bruce Wa….ahem I mean Tony St…..oh well I’m not either of them so I guess its a few light years out of my budget.) BUT, they exist. This one in the image is a mech suit for kids. If your going to hand down your mecha suit to your kid don’t you want them growing up using one? Its even got a cute drill and grappling claw. Check out the videos after the break to check out the two mecha suits.

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DIY: Hatsune Miku chocolate

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Apr 112013


Like Hatsune Miku??? Like chocolate? Why not get the best of both worlds and make your own Miku chocolate!! Its cute and delicious! Check out the video after the break.

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WTF Japan: A Steve Jobs Manga

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Mar 282013


Ever wanted to see Steve Jobs, late co-founder of Apple, in a manga? Probably not. the thought probably never even crossed your mind, or anyone’s mind…well I guess someone had to think it was a good idea because it exists! Is he a ninja? Does he have special powers? NO! He is Steve Jobs, so from what I can tell he is cast as a poorly understood, bad boy genius. So it seems to be a drama type manga with thinking. Sounds exciting right? NO. The first volume of Steve Jobs can be found in the issue of Kiss this month and more issues are expected. Check out a page from the manga after the break.

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