Otaku Tonight Today! Comics VS Manga!

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Jul 092015


SJSR: Ramune Candy

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Feb 162012

We get to eat tasty yummy Ramune Candy

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You Like what you Like

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Oct 102011

that me on the very right 0_0....I changed a lot huh

Is it a bad thing that I consider myself an Otaku? I remember a time when I would cringe at that word…..try and push myself away from that term and that class of people. I did not ever wanna call myself an otaku, but somewhere deep down inside me that word was there and it felt real. I knew that I didn’t wanna associate myself with Otakus but at the same time I felt that I really was one. Continue reading »

Sep 012011

I review the scary looking green jelly brick thats been sitting in my house for the past 5 months

The fun differences between Japan and America

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Aug 282011

Have you ever wondered What the major differences between Japan and America was? well I found these wonderful series of comics to help illustrate those differencs, check them out after the Jump

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JayDee’s Top 5: Japanese Snacks!

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Jan 042011

You do not want this man at your house.

Since Paul did a Top Five, I’m going to go ahead and do one too! This time, we’re talking about my all time favorite snacks, with a drink or two for good measure. This by no means is in any particular order, and really if left unchecked could go on and on and on and on and so forth. Like I do with my snacks, enjoy!

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Are You Con Ready?!

 Posted by Rowdy on December 28, 2010 at 5:01 pm  2 Responses »
Dec 282010

OMG ACen is in like 4 months and 18 days! Can you believe almost another year has gone by!

This makes us all ask, Are We Con Ready?!…

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