Anime Milwaukee 2016 Music Video

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Mar 162016


Check out the fun that was Anime Milwaukee!

Joygazm Will be at Anime Milwaukee 2016

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Mar 072016

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After missing last year, I’m excited to be attending Anime Milwaukee this weekend! Be sure to stay tuned for lots of video coverage and more! Anime Milwaukee is one of my all time favorite conventions so being there this weekend is gonna be a blast. If you have never been I highly recommend you go to Wisconsins top Anime Convention!

Commercial Break: Softbank

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Mar 052016

Time for a commercial break! Do you like disney? well then you’ll love Softbank! why? I don’t know why, I don’t speak Japanese.

Baskin Robnins Japan Gets Sakura Flavored Ice Cream

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Feb 212016


Its been 24 years since Baskin Robbins Japan had offered the awesome flavor of cherry blossoms! And now they are bringing it back. Sakuramochi as they call it will have a little hint of salt and actual sakura leaves in the ice cream. The flavor will be available from March 1 to the end of May for 360 yen (US$3.20). If you’re in Japan then let us know how it tastes.

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Commercial Break: Japan Net Bank

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Feb 202016


Time for a commercial break. cats cats cats?…..what happens when you have cats in the office? somehow related to a bank.

Commercial Break: Wonder Core

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Feb 102016


Time for a commercial break! Do you stumble a lot and find yourself falling back, well now you can prevent the fall with wonder core!

Cons This Weekend: February 12-14 2016

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Feb 082016


Love is in the air, why not take your love to a con and celebrate the only way a weeb knows how. And if you don’t have anyone, well then maybe you can find love at a con this weekend or a body pillow, same thing pretty much. Check out whats happening this weekend after the break. Continue reading »

Commercial Break: Okamoto Zero One

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Feb 032016


Time for a commercial break! If you’re a dinosaur, and your having unprotected sex, your partner wont like it. Use Okamoto Zero One condoms. Don’t be prehistoric.

Cons This Weekend: February 5-7 2016

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Feb 012016


A new month equals new cons, there is a lot going on this weekend so check out the cons happening after the break. Continue reading »

Cons This Weekend: January 29-31 2016

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Jan 252016


Hey you, are you bored, well there are cons happening this weekend. Don’t be lazy go to one! Continue reading »