Watch: The Chaser

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Sep 142011

Oh Wow how I love Korean Thrillers. The Chaser is film from 2008 that stars Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jeong-woo. Directed by Na Hong-jin The chaser follows a Pimp/ex-cop who goes on a search for one of his girls who goes missing after they meet with a client. The Story is interesting and is actually inspired by serial killer Yoo Young-chul who killed prostitutes and old wealthy men. Continue reading »

Review: Trigun: Badlands Rumble

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Aug 162011

Last Friday I had the pleasure of seeing This movie at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. It was my first Anime I’ve seen in theaters…well, if you can call it a theater, the room we saw it was super tiny. Anyways It was really exciting to see Vash the stampede and his partners again, after not seeing Trigun for years, this film showed me what I loved about that show and the Characters. The story of the movie is placed somewhere in between the Trigun series, I say this because SPOILER …………………..Wolfwood is still alive.  Continue reading »

Watch: 13 Assassins

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Aug 112011

This Movie is a true masterpiece, I watched it last night and it only strengthened my love for Takashi miike. He is probably the most well rounded Director out there. He can go from directing a bizarre straight to video film like Visitor Q to directing an oscar worthy epic period film like 13 Assassins. This film is 2 hours long, the first hour is set for character and story development that all leads up to the final epic hour long battle of 13 against 200. 13 Assassins in short is about a group of samurai that make it their duty to assassinate a evil lord. The acting, the cinematography, the action, this movie offers you a vivid look into the Edo period and begs the question what it is to be a true samurai. I recommend this film to the fullest for anyone, this is our generation’s Seven samurai.

Watch: Sucker Punch

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Mar 282011

WOW….I can’t say anything else but Steampunk Nazi Zombies 0_0……oh yeah it has that. Visually of course this movie is Brilliant, Zack Snyder has a way with telling a story using only images, very much like a comic book or manga. He can take anything an make it really intense and seem important. There is no doubt that Anime and Manga has some influence in Snyders directing style. It is visually stunning and is a orgasm for the eye. Where this movie though does fall short is its writing, Dialogue for one I found kinda cheesy at times. and the story kinda falls short also, Sure all these things are in her mind and she imagines them when dancing but why does she imagine the things she does. Not much reason behind it other than to show off all this cool, action shit and make a world with anything you want. Other than the story, the overall visual telling of the story was great. If you haven’t seen it yet go check it out, there is everything you can ask for…even fan service…lots of it.

Watch: Battle: Los Angeles

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Mar 122011

Saw this movie opening day and I gotta say, it kicks your ass left and right. The action is literally non stop, It spans through the course of 2 days of an alien invasion. I really enjoyed the film, wouldn’t say that it had a really deep story or the best dialogue. But what I expected is what I got, Explosions, gunfire, aliens and shit ton of screaming. I actually didn’t like how the aliens looked, maybe cause I was, for some reason, comparing this movie to district 9 and the awesome prawns it had. But still this movie is worth a watch when you just feel like watching a badass action flick. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it and if you have let us know what you thought

Watch: Tekkonkinkreet

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Mar 102011

Just watched this movie last night and I’ve gotta say WOW 0___0…… before I go ranting on how good this movie let me give you the details. Tekkonkinkreet  is a 2006 film( I know im way behind) directed by Michael Arias……what an anime directed by an american you say…yes yes, this was Michael’s first full length film…and first ever major anime to be directed a non-japanesse director. Made by Studio4°C the ones who brought you the Animatrix and based of the Manga by Continue reading »

Christmas Blues?

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Dec 252010
The Warrior's Way

Well for those of you who have nothing to do Christmas Day and can’t be passed out drunk like Santa there dont worry there is hope! All good Atheists know what do you do Christmas Day when everything is closed?!?!

Go to the movies! Thats right friends! The movies will always be there for you no matter what / lack of beliefs you have!

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